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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

A longer post on my relationship with my Kindle is forthcoming, however for now I just can’t keep this in any longer: Thanksgiving is over and I am in full Christmas mode. Which means belting out “O Holy Night” with Celine Dion and getting chills when Andrea Bocelli sings “Adeste Fideles”. Actually I get chills every time I hear that song, no matter who sings it or in what language. Decorations are going up and presents are being bought and desserts are being baked.

It’s Christmas time, and I’m loving it.


How I Used to Write

Since I’ve neglected the poor blog for a while, I figured I’d share an embarrassing story to make up for it.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on the same novel for ten years. Laura’s Letters which does not yet have an excerpt because I’m waiting for 10,000 hits, but you can read a bit about the principle character HERE. Guess what, this Christmas makes eleven. Is it finished? No. Is it published? Well if it’s not finished what makes you think it’s published? Silly readers, don’t ask silly questions.

Well, since this novel has been so long in the making, it has not only gone through many different character and plot developments, it has also gone through a number of different writing techniques and styles. First it was written in marble composition notebooks by hand, but my favorite system came after that.

I’d say I was eleven at this point, and the ancient computer from 1996 (you know, the kind that used floppy disks and needed dial-up internet if it even had internet capabilities) had run its course in mainstream home use, but it still functioned enough for small tasks. Essentially this became my own computer. My very first one. This was at a time when computers were just taking off and even though it was extremely old even at that point, I could still call it pretty much exclusively mine.  What did this mean?

This meant I wrote on it day in and day out.

But did I let my fingers fly across the keyboard never stopping until all ideas squeezed from my brain onto the screen? No. Why? Because I would stop at the end of each page and begin a new document.

Yes folks, for the longest time I thought word documents with multiple pages did not print the other pages. For whatever reason, in my mind the only page that was sure to print was the first one. So there I would sit. For hours in the bonus room (room above the garage for those who don’t have the same layout house as we do) typing my story. One page at a time.

They would be all colors too, these pages. The first of the day always had to be green. The best color on earth naturally deserved the treasured title of First Color. Then it was a free for all. Red battled with blue for the coveted second place, usually neck and neck for ten minutes before blue won the day. Unless it was Christmas. Around Christmas I wanted the continuity of red and green together. Pink was also quite popular, mostly because I liked all the shades word came with whereas there were some shades of blue and red I did not care for. Purple never failed me. NEVER did yellow make and appearance. Too hard on the eyes.  But orange only seldom finished the race. Occasionally it would enter stage left but for the most part orange and I left each other alone.

Why did I bother with all of this? Well the same reason you do and for the same reason I still enjoy printing my work now. There is nothing like holding something you have written in printed form in your hands. It just feels good.

Though you were probably smarter than I was and wised up to the fact that you can create a document with multiple pages and not worry about printing malfunctions.

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