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Snow Day

When one is snowed in, what does one do? Read up on the Middle Ages of course (a medieval novel idea is percolating). And I am dying laughing: Charlemagne’s mother was called Big-Foot Bertha! Poor thing. I’m sure she didn’t mind after her son became one of the most famous monarchs in history. Getting the last laugh and all that.

I wonder what other gems I’ll discover today…


It’s a Beautiful Day

Because within the past 24 hours I’ve had ideas for not one, not two, but THREE new novels. Say what? Please excuse me while I go take a million mental curtain calls and congratulate myself. 😄🎉🍸

Now I’ve just got to get the already completed novels published…

Guest Post

I’m super excited to announce that today I am guest posting about some books I’ve recently read at New York Times best selling author Lauren Willig‘s website. Willig authored the deliciously entertaining Pink Carnation series, which have been favorites of mine for many years. Thanks, Lauren for this opportunity!

Read my post on wifely books here.

Tourists on the Train

So I’m on the train into Manhattan trying to write, but can’t concentrate because a large family from out of town is sitting in front of me. At first I was slightly annoyed because I thought I had placed myself in the quiet car (evidently not) but now I find my opinion changed. I’m pointing out all the landmarks along the Hudson River to them – West Point, Bannerman’s Castle, Storm King Mountain, Bear Mountain Bridge, Yankee Stadium – and telling them places they should check out once we get into Grand Central – the whisper wall, Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Bryant Park, New York Public Library, Fifth Ave shopping, Central Park – and telling them how to get there. After I finished this, the little boy said to his parents: “I wish we lived in New York. It’s so cool!”

And I feel really blessed and fortunate that I do live here.

Grammar Girl

I may have posted about this before, but I am once again irked at today’s popular music and its blatant disregard for language. Take Rhianna’s stupid new song I keep hearing on the radio, for instance. The chorus lyrics are as follows:

“Tomorrow way too far away,
And we can’t get back yesterday,
But we young right now.”

Where, may I ask, are the verbs in the first and third lines? Nowhere.



What does it mean when agents “Just don’t connect with the material?”

I’ve gotten 12 of those responses now, none with actual reasons pinpointed at why the connection failed to occur. Is there a flaw in the plot? Are the characters underdeveloped? Is the writing not tight enough? I haven’t received any responses that could help me reformat query letters/the novel to have better luck with the next agent.

So the real question: do the agents don’t like it? And if they don’t like it, will readers not like it? Is my story not readable?


Go Me

Writing the somewhat sequel to The Apartment on Parker Street and have a good idea to recycle an old short story, make a few tweaks to dates and add a whole lot to bring it up to novel length, and turn it into the third installment. So far so good. Strong characters are developing, I’m intermittently reading several books for research purposes that I’m enjoying, and I have solid titles for both. I’m liking these developments. 😀


My next step. Is it:

To research more of the time period in which my new novel is set?


To just write a skeleton of said new novel and do most of the research/filling in facts and points of reference during revision?

I’m torn because neither step is going well at this point. Blehh.

Things I Learned from Last Week’s Writer’s Conference

Going to the gym is worth it when it makes you walk Manhattan blocks even faster than you normally do en route to the conference.

If I had any doubts about my burning desire to be a published novelist, being surrounded by writers, agents, and editors dispelled them.

Something as simple as changing fonts can banish writers block.

Pitching my novel wasn’t as terrifying as I always thought it would be.

I must cultivate patience because most of this game is a waiting game.

Beginning Anew

Putting The Apartment on Parker Street out of my mind for a while and have officially started plotting a new novel. Where could this go? Anywhere.


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