Who Am I?

Interview Conducted on the 19th of July of the year 2010 between Thomas Gabriel Christopher Richmond Buchanan Carter, Crown Prince of Taneia and Principle Character in the Novel Laura’s Letters, and Rosemary O’Connor, his Creator.

Good evening, Miss O’Connor. It is a pleasure to see you as always.

Why thank you, you never fail to make me smile.

There are a few things concerning you about which I have always been curious. You know every infinitesimal detail regarding me and my life, but I know next to nothing about yours.

Well of course I know everything about you, you are a figment of my imagination.

Regardless, I am still curious. Where were you born and where do you currently reside?

Do you really think I’m going to put that on the internet? All you need to know is that I live in the great state of New York, USA.

What is this internet of which you speak?

Oh, I forgot, I moved you back in time to the 40s. Sorry. Disregard.

*Shakes goodlooking head* Anyway, I was also wondering about your education. I happen to have had the finest upbringing and attended a stellar university, and I know someone as smart as you would have to have done the same.

You rake you, don’t look at me like that. I know all your flattery tactics. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree, and may actually have enough credits to graduate early and begin my graduate education in creative writing, though I am only 20.

How appropriate. What is it you want to do with your life after college?

Easy question for you to ask, never having had to wonder what you would do with your life. You know you’ll rule when your father croaks.

*Raising a surprised but intrigued eyebrow* I had quite forgotten how blunt you are. Permission to reciprocate your attitude?

Go for it.

What the hell are you going to do in the real world?

It is my plan and desire to land a job as an editor with a publishing company to sustain myself. This way I may follow my passion for books and make a career out of that passion. This also will allow me to get my feet wet in the world of publication and hence be able to share you with the world.

*Leans forward and stares intently into Miss O’Connor’s eyes* But why would you ever want to share me? Don’t you want me all for yourself?

I don’t think your wife would appreciate that.

She isn’t likely to mind. After all, of your characters, she is the most like you. You could say you and she are basically one in the same.

Except my early life was great and hers, quite frankly, sucked.

Thank you for bringing me back on topic. Your life. What sort of recreational pursuits to you enjoy? And before you say writing, that doesn’t count. I know that already, otherwise I would not be here.

Well, I’m a singer. I love music. All kinds, except rap and certain country songs; they tend to get on my nerves. Often you can find me belting out the latest tune on the radio in my car or the shower or while walking the dog. Sometimes I even add harmony if I know it or can come up with a suitable one myself. I used to do theater and was quite good. One time when I played the villain children had to be taken out of the theater crying. I considered it a job well done. Reading most definitely takes up the majority of my time. I just love books so much! And then of course, there’s writing.

I told you not to mention that.

I did it anyway. Don’t get authoritative or princely on me, I’m an American. Royalty means nothing to me except lots of money and the cause of revolutions.

Then why did you make me a prince?

Because I’m a sucker for a fairy tale, and your character would not fit in any other occupation or station in life. You need a title to come across as more suave.

I do not need any assistance in that department. All ladies love me.

Including me.

What was that?

Nothing, did you have another question? Or could I go and begin Holly and Hunter’s novel?

Stay with me a little longer. What of your personal life? You made me the oldest of 11 and a twin. I am also the father of twins. Did any of this generate from your own family?

I am the oldest of four, aka The Law. On my dad’s side I’m the second oldest of twelve cousins and on mom’s the oldest of seven cousins. The siblings who come directly after me are twins, and many of yours and Nathan’s escapades had their origins in home videos and personal experiences with the two of them.

How intriguing. Tell me something else about you before my father figures out I’ve ditched another Council Meeting and hauls me back to the horrid thing.

Well, my ultimate goal is to be a novelist. A real novelist with published books for sale on bookshelves across the country instead of just keeping them to myself in journals. I hope my writing can make people laugh and cry at the appropriate times. I want just one person who has absolutely no relation to me whatsoever to randomly pick up my book and fall in love with it. I want my characters to leap off the pages and stay with at least one reader. I want my plots to have them guessing and yelling when things don’t go according to plan. I want at least one reader to rave about my work. I want at least one reader to consider my book her favorite.

You fascinate me.

You’re just trying to take me home with you.

Is it working?

Well quite frankly, no. You’re not real.

May I ask just one more question?


Will you marry me?

Get out of here, you giant flirt! I’m ratting you out to your father!


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