My next step. Is it:

To research more of the time period in which my new novel is set?


To just write a skeleton of said new novel and do most of the research/filling in facts and points of reference during revision?

I’m torn because neither step is going well at this point. Blehh.


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2 responses to “Struggle

  • june h.

    Hey! I can’t say what will work for you so i’ll just share what works for me. I usually do 20% percent of the research before i begin writing – such as the primary/basic research required to get the story rolling (i.e. If I’m going to write about a philanthropist in the 19th c., as I know nothing about philanthropists, their philosophy and causes, I’ll need some info – otherwise I can’t even write the bare bones of the story). Then I’ll focus on the skelaton of the story, researching 40% more as I progress with the story, but leave the remaining load to when i begin revision.

    When I focus on the story without any research – because history so oftentimes moulds the plot – without the research i end up having to rewrite a lot during revision. I find it a bit inconvenient for me.

    Anyway, hope this helps in your decision process!

  • Clare S

    How about a bit of both? Sometimes the research throws up something inspiring that might help the writing and often the writing throws up a new direction for research – I find the two processes inform and complement each other. If you’re struggling with one or both, then perhaps it’s because they both need more work, which will in turn (hopefully!) make the other easier.

    That’s my theory, anyway!

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