Dear Email Hacker

Thank you very much for hijacking my personal email account and sending a spam virus to everyone I have in my contacts, and even those who are not in my contacts but fall under the category of everyone I’ve ever sent an email to ever. I really appreciate your actions, especially because several of the accounts you forwarded your junk to are agents to whom I have sent novel queries and whose replies I am eagerly awaiting. Now they will mark me as spam and think my queries are viruses.

I place an Irish hex upon you: “May you go to hell and not have a drop of porter to quench your eternal thirst.”

I hate you.


About Miss Rosemary

is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at or contact her at with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

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