Random Musings

One of the things I love about New York is that it’s New York. I do not give a flying hoot what anyone says, there is no greater city in the world. Nothing beats strolling along Madison Ave, a part of the pulsing lifeblood of the city. There is no better feeling than putting your ear to the arch in Grand Central and making your friend scurry across to the other one to whisper you a secret message through the marble. You can’t beat NY pizza unless you’re in Italy. Sorry America.

Disclaimer: New Yorkers are not rude. We are focused and motivated. We want to get our tasks done immediately and if you happen to be cross paths with us while we are attempting to accomplish our goals, then get out the way.

But what I love most about NY is the rich diversity. Not just cultural, which is obviously fantastic and unmatched by anywhere else courtesy of Ellis Island. I’m talking about the diverse state itself. I love that I’ve grown up in a house with a vast backyard and neighborhood but can be in Manhattan in an hour and a half. I love that we have the city and one of the densest forests in the country. I love that upstate is farmland. I love Manhattan. I love our rivers. I love the Finger Lakes. I love the Bronx. I love Niagara Falls (which I actually have never seen, thank you ex-boyfriend who promised to take me but was to cheap to follow through).

Disclaimer 2: I would never in a million years actually want to LIVE way in Practically Canada Upstate. I’m good with vacations.

As I sit here on the Metro-North train Hudson Line headed home following An Interview in Manhattan typing this on my BlackBerry with my iPod in sitting between two old biddies reading newspapers, I’m filled with state pride. NY is as overflowing with cool random things as the Hudson is overflowing post-Irene. I’m a huge fan of travel and other cultures and places but Dorothy wasn’t lying. There actually is no place like home. Everyone should have state pride. This country hosts 50 amazing states.

But New York really is the best one.

I ❤ NY


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