Does it Count?

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Does what count you may ask? Well blogging of course. Journaling. Making lists. Any kind of writing that has nothing whatsoever to do with your current project. Does this writing count as writing?

I say yes.

I often struggle with this idea, having many things to blog about or a ton of issues I want to record in my journal (which is a very rare occasion and when that does happen, I drop everything and just write the rant in my head, not really caring about the literary merit of the piece) but nothing to say in my novel. Why do you think Laura’s Letters has taken me almost eleven years to write? You might say my over active imagination, my inability to commit to one story line and emotional and psychological growth from a child to teenager to adult. I say all those are factors but not quite the reason. The reason is, there are often many, many other things  to write about when I am stuck in the writers’ block muck. Why stress about a chapter that is not working and stare at blank pages when you could write a mock-interview with one of your characters from another story? Why stress over the description you hate because every time you take a pass at it it’s absolutely horrid when you could instead record the drama of work in your diary? Why stress over a scene you can’t craft properly when you could blog about what counts as writing or not?

Funny how I bring myself back on topic. Any kind of writing counts as writing. Even if it’s bad writing. It may not be the kind of writing you want to produce for that day/week/month/whathaveyou, but you’re still vocalizing your thoughts in the form of the written word. In one way or another, your are honing your craft.

Is this an excuse to make myself feel beeter for having written nothing creative lately? Maybe, but I’m sticking to my guns. This is writing. I’m keeping the pistons in my writer’s brain well-oiled (are pistons oiled?). I’m keeping my engine running, if not at 65 mph like I do down the Taconic State Parkway, then at 30 like I do when I’m almost home. 30 doesn’t get you there fast, but it gets you there.

I’m going to start with the goals again, so goal of the week is to have the miscarriage sequence complete.  Force me to do this, friends!


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16 responses to “Does it Count?

  • Aaron Shively

    Of course it counts! Even my comment, right here, helps to sharpen the edge of my own wit.
    Reading, writing, simply thinking counts. Writing is the act of transferring thought to a communicable, understandable and enjoyable medium for the consumption of others. The exercise of any part of the process is still training.

    I too have had a project in the works for a long, long time… I think I may have you beat on the amount of developmental years, though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. 😉

  • slightlyignorant

    I agree with you completely – writing is writing, and all of it is good. Staying in the habit of writing is half the battle towards breaking writer’s block in my experience. Habit helps writing turn into something normal and everyday so that when you’re inspired you fall into the technicality of it much more quickly.

  • jannatwrites

    I agree – any writing counts. There are days I count my grocery and to-do lists as writing. Not my best work, but the words are hand written…

  • Samantha Cardenas

    Do work. 🙂 As a recent college graduate who is interning, you are at a prime time to complete great work!

  • Rowenna

    Definitely counts 🙂 Sometimes veering away from the project and writing something else–blog posts, flash fiction, poetry, a letter–lets you exercise another part of your skill, and you can come back to your projects recharged 🙂

  • Jeanne

    Yes, it counts…keep on writing no matter what, where, why or why not…it energized the soul!

  • T. S. Bazelli

    Blogging and journaling are part of my process too. Sometimes I need to do it to get into the right headspace. Other times it’s to work out tricky issues. Sure it counts!

  • Kit MacConnell

    You can do it! And yes, it does count. If it’s not honing your writing skills, then it’s aiding your storytelling, or at the very least making your shopping trip quicker and more efficient so you can get back to honing your writing and aiding your storytelling. =P

  • Chelsea Ady

    Man, this sure flared up my guilty conscience! XD

  • Leslie

    Oh, it certainly counts! I have given this topic quite a bit of thought myself, and I refuse to believe that writing -in any fashion, form, shape, purpose- can possibly be wasteful. I love this: “Any kind of writing counts as writing. Even if it’s bad writing… In one way or another, you are honing your craft.” The way I see it, you need the “bad” writing to help you achieve the “good” writing. And as long as your thoughts are taking shape in words, then the effort is validated, if for no other reason, by the expression of ideas alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts; I enjoyed reading this! 🙂

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