Picking Up Where We Left Off

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Didn’t mean to disappear for so long. And then I’ve been saying I’ve returned only to flit away into oblivion again. Sad. Day. I apologize. I can say that I have very good reason and I will do my darndest to not let it happen again.

Since you last heard from me, I have graduated from Fairfield University, gone to California, began working and applied for graduate school. The radio silence has been due to such ventures. Do forgive me.

On  the bright side, I have a great many things I would like to discuss with you, now  that we haven’t talked in such a long time. The first, you may notice is  the new domain. I have finally decided that since I’m getting a paycheck, it’s ok to splurge a little. https://disgruntledwriterscircle.wordpress.com is now http://missrosemary.net. YAY! Makes much more sense. The old domain still works, but I like this new one much better. And since I paid the money, it will inspire me to post more frequently than I have been.

So let’s get right back into the swing of things shall we? How is it that we writers get out of funks? I.e. what is it that inspires us to pick up the pen or open up our laptops when our words have been failing us?

Answer: who in God’s name knows? Usually what happens is I’ll be on a roll, writing every day for hours, barely pausing to eat or drink, can’t stop me come hell or high water, characters developing, sentences flowing, pages upon pages of journals filling … and then months of nothing. Weeks of no inspiration, planning out sections of the books that I have already written, revisiting portions that do not warrant revisitiation. I’ll do anything except continue to write what it is I should be writing according my schedule. This results in anger, frustration and on a few rare occasions coupled with raging hormones and chocolate chip cookie dough, tears.

I wish  there was some way for me to avoid this process but I can’t. Regrettably, I have not found the spark, place, pen or whathaveyou that brings forth writerly genius no matter where I stand in my project. And as of this very minute, my life holds too many factors that prevent me from keeping a steady writing schedule.

So what do I do? Wait out the dry spell and seize the opportunity whenever and wherever it hits me. Best system in the world? No. Better than nothing? Well obviously.

How about you? What are your cures to writers’ block? Do you keep schedules?

Speaking of schedules, I hereby vow to be better at keeping them. This means a serious attempt to post twice a week. Whether they be little posts or big posts will depend on a few factors, but I will for sure let you know about grad school and any writing progress I make. If I get my stats up again, I might post a  few excerpts 🙂


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is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at http://missrosemary.net or contact her at MissRosemarysNovelIdeas@gmail.com with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

12 responses to “Picking Up Where We Left Off

  • Sangu

    Congratulations on your graduation! And I know how painful a dry spell can be. I usually wait it out – if I have to force the passion, it doesn’t feel very real. (Unless I have a deadline, in which case I crack on!)

  • Ollin

    Glad to see some old faces {er… old blog posts?} from the first bloggers I first encountered when I began my blog. You have no idea how many bloggers I have lost since then. I was fearing I’d lose them all!

    I guess I’m saying it’s glad to see you back!

  • Kit MacConnell

    Congrats on graduation and entering the work force! I love the new domain name. It suits the place much better. =] Really, I’m super-glad to see you’re back, and if you need any encouragement to stay on track, you know where to find me. =P We’ve all been in the “dry spell cycle,” and it’s no fun.

  • slightlyignorant

    I am SO HAPPY to see you here again!!! Seriously, SO EXCITED ^_^. Congratulations on graduating, on moving to California (where, by the way? It’s the home of my childhood, so I have a big soft spot for it ^_^) and on being back here :D. Can’t wait to see more of you around!

    • Miss Rosemary

      What a warm welcome back! Thank you thank you! I didn’t move there, just visited for a week, but we were in LA, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara plus an impromptu visit to Las Vegas!! SOOO much fun 🙂

  • Rowenna

    Hi! Welcome back 🙂 Congrats on graduating and working and the new domain name and all the good stuff 🙂 As for dry spells…it’s rare that I don’t do *anything.* I try to motivate myself to just do a little something…edit a paragraph, read over a section I’m unsure about…and then it usually sparks me into wanting to get back into it. That whole “butt in chair” attitude. But it doesn’t always work, and when it doesn’t, I don’t push. I take a break and do something else creative–sew, read something engrossing, take walks and think. It’s a recharge and I can come back refreshed 🙂

    • Miss Rosemary

      You are made of sterner stuff than me, Rowenna. I have to work on the “butt in chair thing” except at work it’s in one quite often and it gets bored … oh well, I’ll think of something

  • Chelsea Ady

    I am so glad to hear that I’m not the only one! lol

    Congrats on your graduation! I forgive you for not writing.
    ~ Chels

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