I’m Back!

Hello Everyone! And thank you very much to those who have not given up on me. I have officially been twenty-one years of age for one whole month. Things are hectic in this life of mine, but it’s all good things. Graduation is on schedule and it’s looking good by way of employment. My London friends have been visiting. Now the only thing I have to do is …glup … the GRE. OMG.

So of course with all this pressure, all I want to do is write. I’ve been very blocked with Laura’s Letters as of late, but recently the gods of writing bestowed wonderful ideas on me. Gaararafhgkjhfkhd! Must … manage … time …

Rant over. When I get myself under control I’ll post another bit of it.


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is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at http://missrosemary.net or contact her at MissRosemarysNovelIdeas@gmail.com with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

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