The Arts: Bringing Home the Bacon Since the Begining of Time

First, I miss my blog snow.

Second, I was recently reading a post by Chelsea Ady which inspired me to write a post of my own. In it she talked about the similarities of creating musical and literary works which got my wheels turning.

Music and writing are both categorized as “the arts.” When I was in grammar school the arts meant music/art class and Broadway. Now that I’m older the arts means something everyone loves in some form and yet is considered a useless college major/career path because your parents worry there is nothing in them and you’ll never get a job when you graduate in May so you stress eat and lay in bed all day contemplating your doomed future … oh, ahem, I mean the arts are great!

But seriously the arts are great. There are more opportunities in the arts than you would think. Let’s take them one by one in reverse order of my talents in them.

  1. Drawing/painting/sculpting/etc. Where can you get paid? Museums, schools (at any level) galleries, interior design, graphic design, architecture, exhibitions of your own work if you’re really awesome and/or know someone famous and/or wealthy to be your patron. Besides the very last point, there are countless sub-opportunities in any of the categories. Do you know how many different positions there are in one small museum alone? Quite a few, it takes many people to keep it accurate, fun and functional. You might not be doing the drawing/painting/sculpting/etc. full-time, but you are in your field.
  2. Dance. The careers lie in: performance, dance halls, schools, dance schools, dance companies. Again all areas: teaching, performing, managing, maintenance.
  3. Music. Make money by: performance, personal promotion, record labels, concert halls, orchestras, schools, film. Sing. Teach. Play an instrument. Manage. Conduct. Compose. Write biographies of famous composers. Revive old classics. Need I go on?
  4. And the piece de resistance WRITING. Roll in cash by way of: Writing articles, stories (amen), poems, editorials, scripts (Holly Tyler 😉 you go girl), screen plays (live it, love it), blogs (WOOHOO!) novels (HELLA YEA!), biographies, nonfiction, children’s books. Editing in a newspaper, magazine, publishing house, blog, website. Agenting – anyone want to be mine? Freelance in any of the above categories. Teaching. Publishing. Literary analysis. eBooks. Libraries – page, manage, librarian, work in reference. Bookstores – managing, owning, retail, partnering with cafes and artists from above to design cute journals and covers for your eReaders.

Fellow writers this is great news! Not only did I manage to think of the most opportunities in the writing section, I also came up with the largest word count of the four! We are set 🙂

And let’s backtrack now: what do we use in our modern world to piece together bits of the past? What is it that survives from vanished, sophisticated cultures of old and primitive peoples alike? Their art. Their portraits, cave paintings, treatises, laws, decrees, writings. How would we know the Mayans had such a precisely accurate calendar? (Side note – if the world does end next year I’ll be very disappointed if I’m not published by then) They wrote it down. How would we know the Egyptians performed successful brain surgery? They wrote it down. How would we be able to still study and perform Shakespeare today? Well, for heaven’s sake he wrote everything down!

So there, parents, I will NOT be living in a box on a random NYC street corner for pursuing the art of writing!


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is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at or contact her at with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

6 responses to “The Arts: Bringing Home the Bacon Since the Begining of Time

  • Rowenna

    Great post, Rosemary! I will say–I know a lot of people who pursued their art for a time, then left it for something else, but loved the journey. I also know people who pursue their art in addition to a day job–sometimes necessary. You can’t make a living as a ballet dancer your whole life, and you often can’t make a living even as a published writer–and you know what? I think that’s ok. It’s what makes life exciting–you’re allowed to change directions and do more than one thing!

    • Miss Rosemary

      Exactly! You might not be dancing ballet, but you’re somewhere around something you love at some point so it still counts. And yes, day jobs are ncessary but there’s no reason they don’t have to be in your interest either.

  • Chelsea Ady

    Thanks for the shout-out! 🙂
    I really enjoyed this post, as a fan of all mediums of art — but I have to say the writing was my favorite. I laughed when I reached your side note; I tell my friends and family the same about the end of the world.

    Brilliant, as usual!

  • junebugger

    Cheers to you, Miss Rosemary!

    Thanks for posting this entry. It was sooooo inspiring! fortunately, with my parents I’ve never been discouraged to become a writer. They’re one of my most dedicated fans (even though they’ve never read my work–they still have faith in me). I guess it’s because they know and acknowledge the power of the word.

    Then there are the random folks who arch their brows at me when I tell them I want to become a writer 😦 but reading this article–now I have something to say to disclaim their prejedice against artists in general

  • ABlankWhitePage

    Ha! You know another way you can get paid for writing…write ADVERTISING! Don’t laugh. It’s creative (usually) and fun (mostly) and the clients are great (sometimes). Of course I’d rather be making a living writing novels, but alas…

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