New Year’s Revolutions

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Towards the end of 2010 I was appallingly lax in my blogosphere life, but that will change in 2011. Here’s why:

  • I’m going to be scheduled. There will be specific days for blogging and different ones for commenting.

But Miss Rosemary, you say, you are the most unorganized, unscheduled person on the face of the planet. However will you manage such a feat?

Well, dear readers, ever since my recent return from European Exploration, I have been stuck in a room full of crap I did not need to buy but did anyway. Said shit got pulled from suitcases, bags, closets, drawers etc and thrown in the middle of the room making movement virtually impossible. This did not sit well with me and over a period of literally three entire days (I’m serious 72 hours in total)  I cleared out eleven years of my life, reorganized my bookshelf (the most important part) and created a whole desk just for journals and writing-improvement books just so I could walk in my own room.

I actually liked having space and room to breathe, so I have vowed to keep the rest of my life just as organized. I believe this will keep me mentally sane, structured and aid in achieving goals. Ergo,

  • I will write every single day. For real this time.
  • I will post every Sunday and Wednesday.
  • I WILL be freshly pressed this year (if anyone wants to help me by either featuring me on your site, guest blogging, or contacting the editors of WordPress to alert them to my presence, I would really appreciate it and give you a personal shout out/linking post to promote your own blog. If you want to feature or guest blog contact me at MissRosemarysNovelIdeas (at) gmail (dot) com).
  • I WILL finish Laura’s Letters.
  • I WILL finish and submit Wounded Soldier.
  • Ditto with The Golden Spoon (formerly known as “Ensnared” found at Serial Central).
  • I will graduate college. (Holy shit).
  • I WILL get accepted into Fairfield’s graduate program in creative writing.

Oh god! That’s a lot isn’t it? At least I have a whole year 🙂

Speaking of other things I will do, I promised an excerpt from Laura’s Letters when I got 10,000 hits. Clearly I failed in delivering because I was out of the country. So I will be posting not one but TWO excerpts for your lovely, trusted critiques and opinions. Woah. This from the woman who shares nothing she loves dearly? Believe it. It’s real. Part One next Sunday and Part Two the Sunday after that; I figured I should get back in the blogging swing of things first before I throw my favorite and most prized writing out there. It must be perfect after all.

Phew! Wish me luck on the whole new me. It’s a New Year’s Revolution.


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