Quick, Quick, Quick!

A longer, more detailed post is coming, possibly even in a few hours with life updates, more details, goals and promises. But for now it’s two am and I want to go to bed, but I can’t without sharing this with you.

I’ve begun a new story on Serial Central! This one is much shorter and not nearly as dramatic as Ensnared (for a breakdown of all the chapters for those who missed it, you can CLICK HERE or on the Ensnared button on my sidebar to have full access to the whole thing) but I intend for it to be a very sweet winter tale. So, head on over and read Part One of Stumbling by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you lovely readers!


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is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at http://missrosemary.net or contact her at MissRosemarysNovelIdeas@gmail.com with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

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