Start Spreading the News …

I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, NY. God willing. Two websites have confirmed my flight. Of course now that it seems like my flight is leaving, I miss London already, but the last time I felt like that my flight was canceled, so I’m just curbing all emotions period. If I am emotionally dead I can’t be disappointed either way.

But I find it fitting to leave this week as I have just posted the final part of Ensnared at Serial Central. CLICK HERE to read. I have had such fun sharing my work there and getting positive feedback as well as constructive criticism, so thank you everyone who’s been reading me! I will most definitely be posting another story there, but I think I will be taking a little break. Not sure though. Should know for certain by Dec 26.

Wish me luck everyone! Pray. Cross your fingers. Do a no-snow-clearing-the-airport dance.


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