So Heathrow is Being Really Dumb …

and has been basically closed for three days because of two hours of snow. If this was New York, everyone would be home by now. It is now the difficult to melt ice. In conclusion I am stuck in London until Thursday which hopefully will still fly since it is supposed to snow for two more days.

I am livid and never more proud to be an American.


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3 responses to “So Heathrow is Being Really Dumb …

  • Alannah Murphy

    What you don’t understand is that we are not used to getting as much as snow as we have gotten. Seriously, specially in London. It just doesn’t happen. Do hope you make it home soon though, I’m sure it’s a huge pain in the arse to be stuck…

  • krisceratops

    Hahaha! I read about that. Sorry to hear you’re stuck! It’s so crazy, we’ve gotten about three feet of snow here in the last week (gotta love those arctic Canadian winters!) and I don’t think there was even a single flight delayed. Crazy how something that can seem so inconsequential to those who are used to it can cause so many problems for those who are not.

    Safe travels whenever you do end up going!

  • Rowenna

    Safe travels! I admit, I get frustrated even living further south in the US than I used to that no one knows how to deal with the snow. It’s not hard–just takes preparation. Here’s hoping the next snowstorm won’t cause so many delays–and that you’ll be safely home before that happens!

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