Support Ollin!!!!!

Come on everyone! Ollin is in the home stretch of his contest proving him a “Good Mood Blogger.” I’m always in a good mood after hearing from him. If he wins this competition he can officially have the chance to begin his career as a professional writer. All he needs are your votes. Let’s make him proud!

You Can Make Me Nature Made's "Good Mood Blogger" Hello my lovely readers. So, guess what? I currently have 686 votes which puts me in the top 75 of bloggers running to be Nature Made's Good Mood Blogger. I am number 75 out of THOUSANDS! And YOU helped put me there. Thank you SOOO much. But the contest isn't over. You still have three days to vote, and it's time to unleash my secret weapon. What is my secret weapon? YOU, my blogger friends. All I need is for you to take a few minutes in your day … Read More

via {Courage 2 Create}


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