Gerard Butler

Image by Barbara.Doduk via Flickr

She walked up to the checkout desk and handed the clerk behind the desk her three items.

“I’d like to check these out, please.”

“Right-o then, Miss.”

Oh she did love the way the British spoke. Some of their phrases were just so charming.

“I’m sorry but you’re over your limit.”

Of course. What else was new? She always encountered that problem at school libraries. Too much personal reading rather than school work.

“You can only take out two items I’m afraid.”

Well, one of the DVDs would have to be chucked. She certainly would not be giving up the book! But which to let loose and return for later? Phantom of the Opera staring a one Gerard Butler or Henry V? She loved Shakespeare. But she also loved Gerard. Such inner turmoil! Which to choose? She wanted the singing of Phantom. But she was on a Shakespeare fix after that visit to The Globe. And that was Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 so Henry V is the obvious next choice… But Gerard …

“I … guess … just put Phantom back.”

The clerk chuckled. “Yes, I know. Work before play.”

“Ha … ha,” she laughed awkwardly.

“I mean, no one actually watches Henry for fun.”

“Hahahaha, yeah, I know, I mean, totally, hahaha.”

What is wrong with you readers, of course this didn’t happen to me yesterday at approximately seven pm London time, what!?!?


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