Kicking My Rear Into Gear

I’ve decided I’m far too busy.

London just has too much for me to do! And with all the European traveling I’ll be doing … I think I only have one weekend the entire semester without something scheduled … and I’m about to schedule something for it!

So I am giving myself a goal. And I’m going to stick to it. You all must force me.

I vow, from this point forward, to write at least 300 words per day of something. School work doesn’t count. It only counts if I am writing one of my own stories or novels.

Ok then. It’s on. May the Patron Saint of Creative Writing tell God to strike me down if I do not adhere to this plan.


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11 responses to “Kicking My Rear Into Gear

  • Cassandra Jade

    Love the determination and I wish you all the best in sticking to it. I’ve recently realised that I have to actually specify writing on an ms or else my writing for the day gets used up on other things before I even open my current WIP.

  • Agatha82

    You can do it. Pick a time, maybe half an hour in the morning or after class or at lunchtime. Don’t think too much about what comes to mind, just write those 300 words and even if you delete them all the next day and start again, it’s all progress.

    I’m sure you’ve found out how expensive London is already…sigh

  • Rowenna

    I hope your busyness gives you inspiration and energizes you! Best of luck sticking to–even exceeding!–the 300 word goal 🙂

  • Sharmon Gazaway

    NO need for such extremes, my dear! Remember, this is an experience of a lifetime, so absorb every drop w/ every pore–it will all come out later in your writing. So you’re “writing” whether you realize it or not. But daily wordcount is a worthy goal and you’ve inspired me to kick my own self into gear!
    Right, then–go get ’em!

  • Emily and Her Little Pink Notes

    If your european travels include Dublin make sure to send me an e-mail, I might have an available couch and it would be no problem (don’t worry, we are regular normal people).

  • Chelsea Ady

    Oh my! That last sentence is a dangerous clause! I would be doomed …. Whenever I try to force myself into writing (I make it sound like a horrible task) I find myself unable good quality. 😦 It’s the Polish stubbornness in me.

    Anyway, Sharman is SPOT ON about your travels coming out in your writing. After a trip to Virginia and the DC area, I allocated a spot in my novel for an entire chapter on Arlington Cemetery. I even considered changing the setting to a Virginian small town! If nothing else, write about the common things you see around you – even if it doesn’t pertain to your current novel – and save all of them so you can bring out the small details you could have forgotten in future writing. (e.g. unique smells, different sounds, that absolute character of a guy with the cool hat you passed while shopping, ect!!) When I was a freshman in high school, I chronicled all the big events and saved them in a little file. Now that I’m writing a novel about surviving high school, I can go back to those priceless recounts and add details I forgot long ago!

    (Don’t worry; I would have bought the quill, too! XD)

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