Beware the Bibliophile

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This is terrible! It’s awful! What am I to do? Someone help me!!!!

Alas, once again I have spent far too much money on books. Last night, at approximately 12:53 AM after watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy on which I am just now getting hooked (I know I’m behind don’t judge me), I decided to go to the bookstore. So I pulled out my Kindle and happily perused through the online store.

Sixty dollars later when my eyes could no longer remain open for fear they would burn out, I finally decided to go to bed and vied with a mixture of different emotions.

One – Depression. I’m sixty dollars poorer than I had been a half hour earlier which is bad because my Yankees internship has ended (which just adds MORE depression) and I no longer receive a paycheck. Fail.

My most prized possession

Two – Elation. I have tons of new books now! I can never resist books, whether printed or in e-form. And now that I am headed to London in eight days (holy crap!) I have come to the painful realization that I cannot take my books with me. But, but, but … what will I do without them? How will I survive without my giant bookshelf? So many words left unread! So many stories forced into a three-month silence!

But never fear, the Kindle is easy to transport. Currently, I am taking 171 books with me. Not only on the plane, but they’re all coming on my carry on! How cool is that? And according to the article below, with the rate I buy books on the thing, I am extremely environmentally friendly by paying back everything I consume at a MUCH faster rate than three books a month.

BUT I HAVE TO STOP BUYING BOOKS! I don’t have time to read all 171 books on an eight-hour plane ride (although the last plan I was on was supposed to take only eight hours and we ended up on the damn thing for SIXTEEN just sitting on the runway in Boston of all godforsaken places so maybe I”ll have more time than I think). It’s dangerous! Some people are alcoholics, some people are addicted to weed. I’m addicted to books.

A Few Updates For You

  • Lua has posted the first portion of her new story “Lighthouse” on Serial Central and it is AWESOME! You should head over and check it out.
  • I WROTE LAST NIGHT! I have four sections complete of my story “Ensnared” for Serial Central and will post the first one this Thursday, so again, keep that in mind.
  • Rescue Me will henceforth be known by a new title, The Unopened Letter. This way I avoid confusion with the FX firefighter show and it sounds like a much more literary book. Yes, this does entail much more writing, but I believe it will be much better this way. It will give the novel more of a mysterious feel and hopefully keep readers guessing.


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28 responses to “Beware the Bibliophile

  • Maimoona Rahman

    I’m addicted to books as well, and according to my family, every penny I get winds up wasted on books. But, I can’t help it. I don’t have a kindle, yet, but I read on my cell-phone. I’ve 268 books in my TBR-on-cell-phone list.

    And I love Gutenberg for their free P.G. Wodehouse and Virginia Woolf 😀

  • Maimoona Rahman

    Looking forward to your story.

  • Ollin

    Oooh! Kindle, I want! I want! 🙂

  • sharmon

    I feel much better about being a deadbeat book-buyer, as in I almost never pay money for books! The library is my friend, as well as used book stores and friend’s lends. You’re taking up my slack! JK I do feel guilty at times for not contributing to an industry I hope to one day make a living in. However,if I see a book I cannot wait for at the library or used, I will buy and pay FULL PRICE, if you can imagine.
    Enjoyed your guilty confession :-).
    P.S. FYI,I purchased some Anita Shreve at Barnes and Noble; I left w/ sticker shock and felt like I’d bought 3 lbs. of Godiva chocolates.

    • Miss Rosemary

      I try to make it a rule never to enter a bookstore without a coupon … I usually fail. But I LOVE that you utilize the library. As much as my Kindle is dear to me I believe libraries must be preserved at all cost.

  • G

    Oh crap. I just realized that I can’t take all my books with me either….WHAT DO I DO!!!

  • Lua

    Oh I know how you feel… Leaving my dogs and my books behind is the hardest part of this whole moving thing… But I decided to ship the books hehe 🙂
    I need to stop buying books. I’ve been telling this to myself for the past 5 years- I have no idea why they have to be soooo irresistible!

  • Agatha82

    Blimey so you’ll be here soon 🙂
    Weather’s been dreadful…been raining almost every day…wait, it’s London which means that is normal lol.

    I know how you feel about not getting a paycheck and spending money. Don’t beat yourself up, you’ll have tons of books to read to keep you amused, so that’s a good thing.

    A writer can’t ever have enough books ha 🙂

    • Miss Rosemary

      I’m going to tell my father that when he asks me where all my money’s gone. “A writer can never have enough books.”

      I should probably start saying things like ‘blimey’ shouldn’t I?

  • Rowenna

    This is why I want a Kindle and why having one would be dangerous…but after hauling a carry-on full of books on my last trip and trading half of them out at a second-hand bookstore during the trip, the portability of an e-reader would be really nice!

    You must be getting so excited for your trip!

  • ABlankWhitePage

    Confession: I work for a creative agency that is largely digitally focused, and I have no kindle reader (nor am I likely to get one). I understand the appeal, I think they’re great, but I can’t seem to convert.

    It’s not that I’m a purist. It’s just that every book I read seems to break in half, get wet, lose pages, etc. before I’m done with it. I figure it’ll take me half a day to break a kindle reader.

  • Mckenzie

    I am horrible with buying books. I cannot physically enter a bookstore without purchasing something (or a lot of somethings). It is impossible. I totally understand. But you’re going to London! HOW AWESOME!

    • Miss Rosemary

      It’s a compulsion I can’t resist. Just walking into a bookstore makes me know for certain I’m going to buy something. I think I do it as a comfort thing. I usually end up there when I’m overly stressed or sad. Or happy. I just go there all the time.

  • theliterarylollipop

    I feel your pain. I plunked down $50+ online earlier this week after I flipped through a catalog from Random House Publishing. We get a mountain of book catalogs at work and I find myself circling titles, making notes of authors. Now I have another list of 4-5 books that I would like to buy but that would mean another $50+. Bad, bad… must…. resist…. temptations. Must… pay… bills…

  • aloysa

    I ordered Kindle for myself a month ago. Still waiting for the delivery date. In fact, I can’t wait! And yes, books… that’s where my money are going… Don’t you wish books wouldn’t be THAT expensive?

  • 83October

    This made me laugh. I recently had a similar moment just a few days ago. I had accumulated books and my shelf is bursting at the seams. Sigh. Can it be help? I mean seriously…all bibliophiles have this in their system. I have yet to convert myself to the kindle/ipad thing. I’m too much in love with the smell and feel of a real book. Call me sentimental. But i think the idea of bringing 171 books for an overseas move without even carrying much extra luggage is a good selling point (well, next to the environmental argument).

  • Clare Sager

    Phew – I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes on such terrible, terrible spending sprees! Internet shopping has a lot (of debt) to answer for!

    Weeeee – soon time to cross that pond 😀

  • Cassandra Jade

    I have learnt to never go near a book shop when I don’t have the money to spend. Online book shopping is trickier to avoid and I know that when I start I have to have a strict limit on expenses, and supervision.
    Hope you enjoy reading the books though.

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