For My History Friends

I find this really cool. It’s original – not doctored – color film from a July 4th Victory Parade in Paris … 1919!!! Woah, what? I thought they didn’t have color film until The Wizard of Oz! Check it out HERE.

Also I’m requesting assistance from my history buff friends – I am working on a project (to be revealed soon, but as a teaser, let’s just say you’ll get to see some more of my writing …) but it requires a bit of research. I have some good books from the library (more hints – some titles are along the lines of 1927, the Jazz Age and Time to Roar) but I need some good, reliable quick reference websites (and yes, I do know about the Google Machine). But said Google Machine – while resourceful – can also give you a bunch of crap. I want the legit stuff. And friends like Rowena, Corra and Katherine would certainly know where to point me. And I’m sure others would know some reliable places as well.

In reference to what I’m looking for, I think you can guess the 20s, but if you can find me anything about Polish or German immigrants to NYC at the turn of the century (or Irish and Italian ones, but there’s so much of that around, I think I’ll be all right). Or if you can show me where to find legit websites about Polish and German customs in general, that would be awesome too.

So … help?


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