A Treat For My Lovely Readers

Mk. So, since you’ve all had a snippet of Prince Thomas and his … er … lively character and I have received much positive feedback from my little exercise, I thought I would treat you with a bit more of him.

Currently, as I type this, Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas has been the recipient of 4,888 hits (of course as soon as I publish this post it will probably reach 4,889 – but that’s just my luck). When the visits hit 5,000 I shall post a sample from my novel Rescue Me.

But then I thought to myself, “Why would you do that? The whole thing is not only unfinished, but NONE of it is typed. You don’t have time for such extra shenanigans. Damn Brits, on the other hand, is not only complete but also partially typed. Why not share Julian and Rosella?”

An internal but semi-vocalized debate followed which I will not disclose to you because it really proved my writers are weird point. However, the conclusion I drew was to let you decided what it is you want to read. The story with the most votes will show up here at 5,000 hits and the runner-up will be postponed until 10,000. Blurbs about each novel are presented below along with the poll. We’ll make this like American Idol. Voting is unlimited so vote as many times as you want for your favorite!!!!! **Mass craze of teeny boppers rush to their phones and dial like maniacs to keep scruffy looking weirdos on the show and clog the phone lines** Just had to vent that, my apologies.

Let the games begin!

Rescue Me – Set in 1943 Taneia, a small island nation off the southwest coast of Ireland.

Laura had been given a bad break. Not only does she have no memory of her family or her early childhood, but the people who took her in out of their “generosity” abuse her. Then she finds herself caught in the crossfire of a battle to liberate her town from the enemy. But all is not lost, for she stumbles upon a soldier seeking shelter in her barn who may very well changer her life.

Prince Thomas just wants to get the hell out of Titusville. His liberation mission failed miserably and he wound up left behind from the retreat – by  his own order – to save the lives of his men. Now he was stuck in a damn barn to avoid capture and execution. But really, a barn? He was heir to the throne for the love of God! Perhaps the presence of the servant girl who hid him could turn things for the better.

Damn Brits – set in contemporary London and Bronx, NY.

Julian Dawson spent the last six years in prison. The charge: murder in the first degree. The victim: his father. The problem: he didn’t do it. Released on parole for good behavior and no previous record, he determinedly charges around London’s slums to discover the identity of the person who framed him and clear his name. The very last thing he needs is a woman. And yet, he can’t banish that American writer from his thoughts. To make matters worse, she’s hell-bent on helping him! How could he keep her out of trouble if she deliberately placed herself in danger?

Rosella Cordaro does not understand why men are so pig-headed. Why wouldn’t Julian just let her help him? Two heads worked much more efficiently than one when solving a puzzle. And at the rate he uncovered clues (about one every … oh wait he hadn’t found any. SHE had discovered them) he would never clear his name. Why did he insist on pushing her away? Why couldn’t he see the wisdom in having her by his side? Why wouldn’t he just kiss her already!? An American would have made a move by now. Damn Brits.

Cast Your Votes!!


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