Three Things


Check it. Letter to a Young Writer from Kiki eons ago. Never got around to posting it because couldn’t think of good enough comments. Still haven’t but I want it out of my drafts box and think you could gain things from it.


Book review. I haven’t done one of these in a while but I enjoyed this book so much that I have to. Be forewarned it’s not an easy read.

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens is the story of Annie O’Sullivan, a Realtor whose life is brutally interrupted when she is abducted after one of her open houses. After a year of no contact with the outside world, she finds her way back home and struggles to piece her life back together, revealed through sessions with her psychiatrist.

My thoughts: an excellent read. Much of it was tough to get through because of the nature of the content. Though I flew through it, I had to read it in shifts. The gritty details make a reader cringe, but are not over the top. There is just enough to be chilling but not too many to be obscene or unbearable. The first person narrative shows much more of the internal struggle than would be revealed through third person. Annie’s regression then progression is perfectly paced and real. The characters are well developed and Stevens’ research into the human psyche is apparent. Additionally, issues of family, friends and tested relationships are fleshed out very well. Aside from the horrific experience, Annie also deals with normal problems.

But even more horrid was the possibility that someone might still be out to get her … It had me on the edge of my seat, tense and cheering for her the whole time.

Sorry for the brevity of the review, but I’m tired.


WOAH! A movie about Facebook? I do find it ironic that the first thing I did when I found out was post the link to all my friends … on Facebook.


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