Right then, there are certain things I have to tell you.

For the more observant/loyal of you visitors, you will have noticed that the deadline for my querying of Wounded Soldier (Kristy’s idea of a shit’s-going-down title) formerly called Becoming Mrs. Kennedy on my sidebar is fast approaching. Basically I know I’m not going to reach this goal, but I’m leaving it anyway in the vain hope that  maybe, just maybe I will make it. I’ll let you know (obviously).

Here’s why this goal seems unreachable at the moment. As I was all excited about transcribing the most recent edits, thinking the damn thing was finally ready for another round of rejections queries, I began to write the ever-annoying query letter. It was going quite well. Actually, I like it, which I take as a good sign. I believe it is clear, concise and correct as far as what agents are searching for it the sea of queries they receive daily. Happily and naively skipping along, I turned my attentions to the  synopsis.

And the realization that my manuscript lacked several essential chapters and scenes crashed down on me, crushing me and my goal-setting spirits. Send twenty queries by July 31? Negative on that one chief. I had more writing to do.

So my road to publication stretches a little longer than I thought. I could still reach my goal (HA!) but more than likely, the goal will have to be postponed.


I must add two scenes in which Derek and Candace meet the other’s respective parents. How I left those out in the first place baffles me. 


I must include a major fight D and C have which is now only referenced. I believe it will add more depth to the characters and make their relationship seem more real, as well as adding more juicy scenes to the novel as a whole.


I shall bring to life a character only mentioned in passing (an ex-flame of Derek’s) to again, give Derek and Candace a little more of a challenge winding up together and making their connection more genuine.


I shall take the advice of Ollin and Kristy and slow down the initial Derek-and-Candace-start-dating in the first few chapters. Rather than have them become official in  the first chapter, they will now spend three chapters (on a timeline, a total of about a nine months) before she agrees to anything official. There will still be an end-of-first chapter-kiss, but no boyfriend/girlfriend titles will be awarded until much later. Thank you friends!!

So there you are. I know all this will not be done by the end of July, so I am extending my goal to the middle of August. For those of you who have not read the first chapter of this novel, you can check it out at the top of my page under Novel Excerpts – Wounded Soldier or click here.

Well, there you have it. Ciao for now!


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10 responses to “Postponed

  • junebugger

    Good luck! I’m soooo excited for you! And it’s good that you’re not rushing querying. Your most polished manuscript should circulate among the agents! Eeee. Can’t wait to read about your emotions right after those 20 letters are sent. A good batch, by the way. I sent 24 in my first round. I was planning to send a few more yesterday but decided to wait on agent#3s response

  • Bethany

    As I made my word count but not my make-up count for day before yesterday, I figure reading your excerpts will….hmm….well, I’m gonna do it anyway.

  • Sangu

    Don’t worry too much if you feel you can’t make a deadline! Better to make the project the best it can be before querying, rather than sticking to a deadline when you’re not completely happy with what you’re sending out 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

  • unabridgedgirl

    Look at it this way, at least you’ve caught this all BEFORE sending it out, right? And I see that as a sign of a real writer, being able to catch what your story needs when you think it’s complete. I know you’ll get there, ’cause you’re pretty awesome and stuff! 🙂

  • Lua

    I can relate… I just read my chapter 10 and I thought… ‘what the hell was I thinking!’ It looks like it belongs to another story, it has nothing to do with my novel or my characters. Ah well, I was hoping to start querying late September, early October so that’s gone down the drain…
    Then again, if they need more work, better to get it done before we receive al those lovely rejection letters, right? 🙂
    And btw- I like the new name, ‘The wounded soldier’

    • Miss Rosemary

      Very true. All the hard sweat and tears will be worth it in the end when we start getting rave reviews 🙂

      And thanks, I like the new name better as well. I think I’ll stick with this one for now and eventually see if my agent/publisher still likes it or wants to change it herself. lol

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