My, Oh, My!

There is much to talk about! Haven’t been here in a while due to a busy schedule, but I just thought I should let everyone know that I will be published in the June issue of Yankees Magazine!!!!!!!!!! It’s only a quarter of a page, but it’s my foot in the door! My first official publication!!! I’m on cloud nine if you can’t tell.

Also, a blog update. Corra from The Victorian Heroine has opened my eyes to the fantastic site called Blog Lovin. If you are like me and have many, many blogs that you read regularly, then you receive many, many emails notifying you of when their fine authors update their addicting blogs with new posts. While this is not a bad thing, your inbox can get full rather quickly causing you to miss important emails from parents, siblings, and the bursar’s office …

With Blog Lovin, it seems my problems have been solved! The website will keep track of all my favorite blogs, whenever they are updated. I will then be notified via ONE email per week containing all the most recent posts from all my blog friends. This way the inbox does not get full to he max, and I can see everyone at the same time rather than having them all scattered. So, if I am one of your subscribed readers and I suddenly disappear, do not despair! I have not abandoned you, I have only found you on Blog Lovin and am now getting notified there.

No, wait there’s more! Bog Lovin will also generate traffic to my own blog! Man, this just seems to get better and better, doesn’t it? If you look on my sidebar, there is now a medium-sized icon asking you if you would like to “Follow this blog on Blog Lovin.” If you would, click it, if not … I don’t really care, do as you will with your own life, I have no right to stick my nose places it does not belong. I just think it’s great that there is now another venue by which I can find friends and they can in turn find me 🙂

So all in all, I’m trying this thing out. I think it will make my life in the blogosphere a bit easier.

And I’m going to be published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*High pitched squeal is now over*
Creative Writing Goals and Status
Rescue Me: Finish the current scene on which I am working and stop making myself cry on the drive to work while acting out the final chapters in my head! Other drivers on the Grand Concourse have begun to stare …
BMK: Shall henceforward be known as WIP (Work in Progress) because I have come to hate, loathe and despise the title. As soon as G and Ralph are given the new revised draft, this will hopefully change and a sufficient title will be brainstormed.
Damn Brits: More typing!!!! Name change…? Still debating
Lifeguard: Write some of this if I hit a brick wall with Rescue Me.

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