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Here it is! The post I’ve been talking about for quite some time.

As you know, I’ve been currently doing a great deal of editing on Becoming Mrs. Kennedy (first chapter can be read here). But with my recent employment (it feels FANTASTIC to get a pay check, let me tell you!) I have been getting up earlier and consequently retiring earlier, eliminating crucial writing/editing time. I have been reduced to writing during my lunch break which has not been working out very well because I’ve been otherwise occupied making new friends. Plus, the binder which BMK currently calls home is enormous with a giant picture of Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett from about seven years ago making it much too clunky and embarrassing to lug around. Therefore, I have once again turned my attention to Rescue Me.

As a reminder, this is the novel I have been working on for about ten years. They are by far my favorite characters and I want this novel to be the absolute best it can be (not that I don’t want the others to be as well, but every writer has that one story they adore the most).

The Premise: 1943 in Titusville, Taneia (a small island nation off the southwest coast of Ireland I fabricated because I wanted the hero to be a prince but didn’t want to mess with historical inaccuracies). Laura meets the prince after he is stranded in a botched attempt to liberate the town from the enemy. They find mutual attraction (duh) and wind up spending much time together while he is in hiding to avoid capture and execution. They start digging deeper into Laura’s background and find some shady details about her father (of whom she has no memory). They manage to escape and make it back to the capital and the prince’s family where she finds it difficult to adjust to royal life, has problems with his mother and … not telling you!!!

Sorry that was cruel. But the truth is I haven’t written past there yet so telling you my plans would either a) disappoint you and me if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to or b) make me change the plan just because of my fickle nature. Also, I’m not sure of precisely where I want it to go. I have the large outline and many of the major details on these papers

but there are two possible endings and several little details depending on each one that need to be determined. Ultimately I will follow where the characters lead me, yet I am still uncertain of one particular path down which they want to travel. So I’ll need your opinions again!

I already have the input of my alpha and my biddie babykins, but I also trust all of you, and would like to know what you think. Is it too cliché for Twin A (who is in love with Lead Female aka Laura) to die protecting her but then a few years later have her end up with Twin B? The last thing I want is cliché, but Lead Female and Twin B are feeling some attraction towards each other even though they both adore Twin A. I’m not sure if I want to travel down this long and winding road, even though it seems that’s where the characters want to go. This story has been about Lead Female and Twin A for ten years. They are my favorite couple. He is my soulmate. I want him with her but he has to die … ugh! So frustrating! And if I write this ending the novel would reach epic proportions in page count. I’ve already filled three journals, I don’t even want to think how long it will be typed. And it looks like I’m going to need a new title …

Purchased at Barnes and Noble because I saw it one day, let it go and thought about it for about two weeks before I went back and made it mine.








Bought in the Metropolitan Museum of Art because it’s beautiful.







Bought for a bargain in Firenze. The exchange went something like this: Io: Cuanto costa? Commessa: Dieci. Io: F NO! cinque. Commessa: nove. Io: Cinque. Commessa: *sighs* otto. Io: *rolls eyes* Fine. *shells out cash and was quite pleased with self and purchase*
So what is the point of this post? Well to give you my writing updates of course but also to tell you that even though we may worry about our characters and the choices they make about where they want their story to go, they do know best and will not let us down. Of course friend critiques and opinions are excellent help and can steer us in the proper directions as well, but our main guide must be our own, and their, instincts, even if it will probably take you six journals to write. Follow your pen.
I do still want your opinions though!
Ta for now, the marines are playing the national anthem on the field, honoring our vets and service people. I must go place my hand over my heart and sing my lungs out …

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19 responses to “The Current Project

  • Goggles and Lace

    Ooh, sounds like a promising story! Also, I love the journal collection! Though your loose-page-assortment is usually what my planning stages look like too. =P

    • Miss Rosemary

      Thank you thank you! Approval from others over the soryline is always encouraging. 🙂
      And yes, I may very well be the worst organizer when it comes to plotting my stories. I’m trying to correct that sad fact, but usually my best ideas come when I’m not around my journals so I have to scribble them on whatever paper is available.

      • Goggles and Lace

        I can completely relate. Before I had the good sense to carry around a small notebook, I used to come home from nights out with friends with scribbly napkins, Starbucks cup sleeves, and even a job application (that I asked for solely so I could write on the back of it). Better to get it out than forget it, right!

        And I agree with brownpaperbaggirl, don’t worry too much about sounding cliche. Write the story the way it wants to be written the first time through, and if you don’t like the sound of it during revisions, tweak it. Besides, love triangles add spice. =P

  • brownpaperbaggirl

    I am in agreement with Goggles and Lace. Your story sounds wonderful! As for whether or not that bit of the storyline is cliche, my only advice for you is to let the character’s tell their story. I think all too often we worry over if something is cliche, if something is creative enough, good enough, ect, that we suffocate our creativity, imaginations, and story-telling abilities. Just trust yourself to know what will work best 🙂

  • slightlyignorant

    I loved all the pictures you put in here – quite the writer’s paraphernalia ^_^. I love the story so far – but I don’t know what exactly to advise in terms of story… Maybe let the characters sort it out for themselves as you write? I know it doesn’t always work, but just sometimes it really does :).

    Thanks for vising my blog! I’m definitely adding you to my blogroll too!

    • Miss Rosemary

      Any advice is good advice, because it’s not my own doubting self … so thank you! In response … I’m still where I stand with the post, I’m just going to see where it goes.

      • slightlyignorant

        I feel slightly presumptuous for offering advice, but I’m glad that I haven’t overstepped my bounds (I think)!

        Sounds like a good plan to me – just seeing where it goes.

  • Lua

    “And… not telling you!!!”
    That was… cruel yet reasonable! 🙂
    I really like the story outline and no way- I definitely don’t think it’ll be a cliché, the things we talk about in novels are pretty much the same all the time, it’s the way are characters tell it that makes the stories unique… And I have no doubt your characters will do a great job! (and oh- I loveeee twin stories:) )
    Ten years? That is a long time to be carrying a story inside your mind, I can only imagine how close you are with your characters… Can’t wait to read the first chapter of Rescue Me!

  • junebugger

    I agree with brownpaperbaggirl. Don’t be concernef about whether or not your story is cliched. Just write it. I was concerned with this issue once when writing my story–it led to a writers block. Remember, there is only a handful of “original” stories. Cliches are cliches because they work. The point is–write the story your heart longs to write. That’s the key to writing a great novel 😀

    • Miss Rosemary

      “Cliches are cliches because they work.” Love that! Everyone always puts cliches down, but they’re there for a reason, aren’t they? Thanks June! Knew I could count on you 🙂

  • krisceratops

    The characters will take you where they want to go, and I get the feeling that you know them well enough and trust them to lead you where they need to be. That being said, I totally understand the desire to avoid the cliche.

    My two cents: Laura ending up with Twin B could be a good way to wrap things up and give the story a happy ending. But this could also potentially weaken the original bond with Twin A, making the reader dislike her for being fickle or getting over him at all. I have seen it done once successfully, in the Pearl Harbor movie, but even then I was not entirely okay with Ben Affleck being forgotten about so quickly (even though Josh Harnett is obviously the cuter choice 😉 ).

    SO, the questions you might want to consider are:

    1. How important is it to have a happy ending? Is there potential to have the novel end tragically? Or even semi-tragically, with her ending up with Twin B but recognizing that she is not as happy as she would have been with Twin A (a la Pearl Harbor)?
    2. You mentioned that Twin A is in love with Laura, but is she as in love with him? Is there possibility that she cares for him deeply, yet there is just always something missing, something that she is able to find in Twin B? (We can’t be mad at her for just not being his type!)

    Please feel free to ignore my suggestions–you definitely know your story and its characters infinitely better than I do!

    • Miss Rosemary

      Pearl Harbor = favorite movie of all time. Just saying, and I would have picked Josh Hartnett too.
      That being said, Laura DEFINITELY loves Twin A. That was what drove the story for ten years in the first place. That’s also part of the reason why I DON’T want the love triangle… I’m still not certain it entirely works with the story! It would make it about 500 (figuratively speaking of course) pages of Laura and Twin A, 100 of tension b/c of Twin B’s affection, 50 trying to get over Twin A’s death and then 50 of Twin B romance. It doesn’t proportionately fit with the rest of the story, it might seem like too perfect of an ending. All in all, I still don’t know, but I’m just going to go where the characters think I should.
      P.S. Loved your suggestions though! They really actually helped.

      • krisceratops

        Glad I could help! Yeah, if she definitely loves Twin A then I think as a reader I would be disappointed to see her end up happy with Twin B. If Twin A is doomed to die, then it sounds like Laura’s love life may be as well… ha. ha.

  • Megan

    Those journals are beautiful – and making me want to write in something thats more than just plain lined a4 sheets. I literally just use the pad. I feel very boring.

  • ABlankWhitePage

    I’d go where the characters take you.

    Also, I’ve heard of this really cliche novel, where there’s this girl who’s new to town, new to school, and this mysterious boy who likes no one decides he likes her, and then he rescues her, and then we find out he is a VAMPIRE, but they are willing to continue their romance even though he wants to drink her blood all the time.

    Oh, but this is different from all the other vampire stories because instead of bursting into flames in the sun, the vampires just go all sparkly (see! new twist!).

    (Confession: I kinda enjoyed it anyway. Don’t worry about cliche. Worry about characters. That what makes us read stuff.)

    • Miss Rosemary

      BRILLIANT comment!! (Confession, I enjoy it too, it’s like a drug or something, you don’t know what about it draws you in but you justcan’t stop reading). The characters are my going to be my ultimate gps though. Who knows,, maybe I ‘ll reach Twilight popularity! (I’d just rather not have the intense hatred that goes along with it 🙂 )

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