A Fitting Exit For Jack Bauer

Well now I don’t know what to do with myself at 9PM Monday nights. Alas 24, aka the greatest show on TV I don’t care what anyone says, has come to a close. No more will I experience minor heart palpitations and have to scream and leap off the couch at a fantastic plot twist. I must say, my health may improve a bit now that it’s over …

Though I will miss the show, I will admit it was time for the final curtain. While still entertaining, this final season did not measure up to the previous ones for a few hours. Some plotlines were predictable and excepting Freddy Prinz Jr. and whoever played Arlo, none of the other new characters made connections with me. The old ones I enjoyed like naturally Jack and Chloe, but even then they were still too new even after having a season under their belts to really make me love them like I loved others. And why did the show have this problem? Well because in keeping with its trademark of throwing viewers for a loop and doing the unexpected, many principle characters were killed. Let’s list, Teri, Nina, David Palmer (boy did I cry at THAT one), Curtis, Michelle, Audrey (technically not dead just in a coma) Tony (somehow managed to not really die, come back to life and turn evil, like WHAT?) Bill Buchanan (another tear jerker), Edgar (the biggest tear jerker) and countless others. As disappointing as it was to see them go, their exits were fitting because it kept the story line fast paced and it kept the viewers guessing. No one was safe!

The final chapter closed with President Taylor redeeming herself, exposing the conspiracy, and trying to save Jack. Jack and Chloe have a very touching heart to heart via phone/some kind of giant Cisco screen where he thanks her for basically saving his butt for six seasons (about time) and limping off to flee the country so he will be safe from the Russian and US governments who will undoubtedly try to find him (enter the movie which I will not be seeing because I refuse on the principle that the only way for a movie to work would be to make it at 24 hour movie. Events must occur in real-time).

The ending was perfect. It tied up all loose ends, was not politically correct, and was not too perfect. Had Jack been exonerated and able to return to San Francisco and his family with no questions asked it would have not been 24. This way it was not too neat and tidy, following with the conclusions of other past seasons. Hello, Day 1? His wife was shot in the last two minutes. He saved America yes, but at what cost?

I am satisfied with the ending and think the writers did a very good job. They answered all my question and fleshed out the most critical relationship to the show – Jack’s and Chloe’s. They recognized what it was at the core of the story and brought it out into the open. Well done. What got me at the end though, was the clock. Rather than the customary finsishing three seconds of that particular hour just watched, it counted down from three to one. The clock ran out.

Jack Bauer, I will miss you.


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8 responses to “A Fitting Exit For Jack Bauer

  • Lua

    I know you’ll probably pretend you never even knew me but I never watched an episode of the 24!!
    But now that my own Jack had died (Jack Shepherd from Lost that is) and I have the need to fill the “Emptiness of Jack” in my heart maybe I’ll get hooked on 24? 🙂

    • Miss Rosemary

      100% you’ll get hooked. It’s addicting. My mom and I started watching it one say while my dad was out of town, and we SWORE we would only watch one hour … FIVE hours later, dad came home and we admitted we had to go to bed. But we’ve been avid fans ever since.

  • Ollin Morales

    yet another hugely popular show that I have not been seeing. Unlike lost however, I think I would get into this one, I’m not sure why I hadn’t. It sort of reminded me of Alias when I watched it once. That show I loved. But I do understand missing a great show after you’ve dedicated hours to it over the years. Hope you find a new show to get hooked on!

    • Miss Rosemary

      Watch it watch it watch it! I am jealous of those who still have hours and hours of Jack ahead of them whereas alas, I do not … just kidding. I feel like you would enjoy it too, Ollin, because you and I both share American patriotism (and let me just say, 24 actually came up with the first African American president before anyone even heeard of Obama …).
      I’m looking at this new void in my life as a positive thing. With an extra hour on Mondays, I will be able to write!! Theoretically.

      • Ollin Morales

        I might have to check it out then. That one and ugly betty. By the way, I was wondering if you would be interested in being guest bloggers on each other’s blogs for a day. I would love to feature you on my blog, and the switch exposes us both to broader audiences, plus its fun! Anyways, you can contact me using the contact page on my blog if you are interested. Thanks!

      • Miss Rosemary

        ummm… YES! I will definitely check out that contacts page 🙂

  • Cassandra Jade

    I only watched the first two seasons of 24 and found that they work really well if you can watch the whole season in one or two sittings but dragged out with one episode a week it was just irritating. That said, there was some very clever writing behind those stories and the characters were definitely interesting individuals. Thanks for sharing this and I’m sorry there won’t be any more for you.

  • tardis3 (@tardis3)

    despite the length of time that has passed since I learnt of the cancellation of the show – I still miss it terribly

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