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As you can see, I have been busy updating the blog. Where I find the time to do this, I haven’t the foggiest clue because I’ve been completely occupied driving around the East Coast from Poughkeepsie to the Bronx (I am such a NY driver it’s not even funny, all my frustration comes out on the trips and I wind up being a very pleasant person the rest of the day).  I’ve also been  to Fairfield, CT and back again to good old Po-town within the past 48 hours. In the midst of all that I’ve been checking my grades, singing at graduation, taking an impromptu but delightful excursion to Waterbury, CT 🙂 and slaving for the Yankees. No complaints there though, it’s 100% worth it.

Anyway, as you probably noticed, I have a very short attention span and often change the look of my blog. I got sick of the latest name and look much faster than any of the others, so here is the new do. I’ve decided to be mature and throw my real name out there. The formal prefix of “miss” comes from my experience at the daycare where I worked for a year and a half. The children called me Miss Rosemary; it kept things respectful but not rigid. I thought it absolutely adorable and wish to hang onto it; also it makes me feel dignified, like I come from old money or something (which is certainly NOT true, but a girl can dream). The theme I find extremely appropriate for an aspiring novelist, being that it is named Notepad. All my writings can still be found on the top bar, but are now listed in dropdown menus to make site navigation much smoother.

I have a post related to writing coming up soon, but I can’t access some of the picture files I need at the moment from this computer and it also would require me getting up and going into the other room to collect the stack of books I would need for reference, and I am much too tired to perform that action at present. Sorry. I promise to make the upcoming post a good one, but you may see one on the last ever episode of 24 before it …

Ciao for now,

Miss Rosemary


About Miss Rosemary

is a recent college graduate from NY hoping to complete her novel of ten years. Stop by her blog, Miss Rosemary's Novel Ideas at or contact her at with comments, questions and suggestions. She'd love to hear from you! View all posts by Miss Rosemary

15 responses to “Blog Maintenance

  • Goggles and Lace

    Always loved the name Rosemary. I like the new look, though, and I can relate to the ADD of site-management. The drop down menus do make things cleaner and easier, don’t they?

    • Miss Rosemary

      Why thank you! I went back and forth between liking it and not liking it. For a while people called me Ro, now people call me Rose, my family calls me Rosemare except for my dad who calls me Linda – don’t ask it’s a long and stupid story.

      And yes, indeed the dropdown menus are a huge help!

  • Dawn Simon

    I totally get what you’re saying about Miss Rosemary being respectful without feeling rigid. My background is in elementary education, and I worked in preschools and daycares where the kids called me Miss Dawn (my husband used to be an officer in the Navy, so we moved quite a bit = lots of job changes for me). Also, your old money comment cracked me up. Hee! That is so cool about the Yankees.

    I like your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. 🙂

  • Lua

    LOVE the new look and the new name for the blog- it looks amazing! 🙂 And the story behind the name, “Miss. Rosemary” is just too sweet! But we’re going to have to talk about “Linda” on another time! 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next post…

  • Barb

    Lovely theme… have you considered “Rubric”? I tried it on my Italian blog, but in Italy we have the “maestrina con la penna rossa” (teacher with red pen) from the book Cuore (Heart), dunno if it would make sense in English…
    I love the notebook look, but I won’t copy you! 😀 Either I leave it as is or try the “Rubric” one on both blogs! 😉

    • Miss Rosemary

      I’m going to force myself not to look at new themes for a while, simply because then I’ll like them and change the theme again … the viscious cycle continues. lol.
      You should try out the Cuore/maestra con la penna rossa thing again and I’ll let you know if it works in English 🙂

  • Maimoona Rahman

    Hey, notepad! I loved this look and even tried it on but then, sadly, had to discard it because it doesn’t support headers 😦 I really love this new look. The drop-down menu is very convenient.

  • Slamdunk

    I like your blog’s look very clean. Nicely done.

  • Lar

    Mornin’ Miss Rosemary- (
    Haven’t been here in a while but wanted to say my site will be up and running within a week or so. Within there will be a blog for the writers. Everyone can post short stories, poetry, and whatever else we want pertaining to the word broken down by category. We will have discussions and critique by some really talented folks. Plus a critical board will be formed for judging. Newbs are welcome there too albeit at a somewhat separate level. Bots will go out and find places where stories can be sold and presented. And new work will be entered from those searches. The site in which the blog resides is devoted to photography as art, business, love, and world and local view. Subjects will range from sunsets to thoroughbred jumping horses. From dance, to sports, glamor to micro/macro and food. And everything in between. It will contain images by folks from all over the world and by us taken over the last thirty-five years. There too will be found critique, contests, judging and prizes. A rather ambitious undertaking but I have been planning this for nearly 20 years so, hopefully I have the details under control. Just wanted to give you a heads up as I didn’t want to lose track of someone who writes so beautifully. I will retain this account with WP but it will be different in every way. Anyway stop by when you get the chance. As I said it should be up within ten days. Love from here, Lar

  • junebugger

    I LOVE this new theme!!!

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