To be finished with the Hellenistic World paper by 9PM so as to allow myself time to watch The Pacific on HBO and post about my epiphany last night!


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6 responses to “Goal

  • synclarity

    OK so while I appreciate an epiphany as much as the next hedonistic er, hellenistic guy. . .WHAT WAS THE EPIPHANY!!!!???? Er assuming you finished the paper that is!

  • synclarity

    I feel so, so. . .incomplete. That you have offered then taken away something, dare I say, vital to the way we all feel our lives are going let alone have gone or are perhaps to go. How can you be so, so cruel!? When even the small children of the Obenwenge Tribe of East Kenya, who live and survive by picking up elephant dung and selling to the rollers and shakers of the roller and shaker world the dung beetles therein, were counting on your epiphany. My God woman make something up! Don’t you have any sense of fair play or clarity or decent redundancy? Don’t you listen to NPR? What were you thinking? What will we do now for our cerebral bread now that our chickens are lost!?

    • Aspiring Novelist

      Take a chill pill honey! I never said I wasn’t going to reveal it, it’s just on hold. I would rather wait until I have sufficient time to give you a thorough post than half-ass it. Hence, paper comes first b/c otherwise I’ll just be thinking about the Maccabees and the Seleucids when I should be posting.

  • synclarity

    Uh that may have been a bit over the top but the attempt was towards humor sorry. Had just finished writing thirty pages on HIPPA violations in the modern for profit private hospital re: the non profit hospital owned by the huge corporation which makes huge money but no profits/yeah right.

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