In keeping with the Master Plan sacrifices must be made. I’m definitely writing, that’s not going anywhere but I’ll only have time/energy for one other activity before my body gives way. What should I do?


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4 responses to “HELP!

  • Lua

    Hmm- ‘sleep’… Sounds familiar… was that where we close our eyes and drift away to a happier place? 🙂
    I guess being a writer means giving up some of the luxuries we have- like sleeping! My vote is for shower; takes less time and cold water=saying awake, so all is good 🙂

  • Lar

    I would offer this. It is now 11am and I have had just three hours of bed sleep. I realized at around 5am this morn as I picked myself up from yet another keyboard face plant maybe just maybe trying to figure out this blog thing and editing say ten pieces at the same time is not the great idea I always think it to be around say 3am. I’ve this tremendous burst of energy then and think I can take on the word if I could just find the W key. I also realized that because of this not only am I not getting the work done I think I am but I am robbing my brain of what ever sleep provides it for the sake of being able to say I am a struggling writer. Yeah struggling alright trying to figure out the french for yes or what exactly a participle is and why is it dangling. So all these non-writers who tell of 2200 retirement or watching a bit of Jay before dreams might just might have something. Holy crap! When did the Sun come out? Sleep dear sleep.
    I wonder if this quote has any validity. . .Nah!
    “Finish each day before you begin the next, and interpose a solid wall of sleep between the two. This you cannot do without temperance.” Good ol’ Ralph Emerson

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