The Song vs. You – The Battle For Your Brain

It’s happened to all of us. That song you have a love/hate relationship with lodges itself in your brain and refuses to go anywhere no matter how much you bombard it with distractions. It stays put, bothering you – and your roommates.

Isn’t it just the worst when the song you despise dominates your brain and refuses to allow you to do anything else with your life other than sing or hum it to yourself? All you want to do is be free, but its ironclad grip on you holds fast. Then you wind up doing stupid things like writing, “I want your love and I want your revenge” in the middle of your newspaper article while you’re not paying attention. Whoops! I mean, I’ve never done anything like that …

When it annoys you it’s one thing. When it annoys everyone around you, it’s quite another. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me to “Just shut up already,” after I return from Glee Club rehearsal and have some obscure song like “Wolcum Yole” on the brain.

When no one else knows the song, it’s one thing, but I prefer it that way. Then people can’t holler “At least get the lyrics right!” while I’m singing the radio’s most popular song of the week – apparently incorrectly – in the shower.

Wikipedia has some helpful tips as to how to vanquish that evil song for your sake and for your friends’.

This first one kills me: Speak the lyrics to “I’m a Little Teapot.” I’d rather sing the song I don’t want in my head.

Number two: Write a list of songs that get stuck in your head. And this helps me how? Besides, when do I have time to do something so trivial?

Number three: Pick the “stickiest” song on that list and sing it whenever you want a different song out. But then won’t that leave me with a second song stuck?

Number four: Do something active or noisy. Now this is not a problem. Active = gym which kills two birds with one stone. It forces me to use my iPod and hence listen to more desirable songs while also making me actually work out.

Number five: concentrate on something else. I could have told you that one on my own.

Number six: Shout in your head. No comment on that.

Number seven: Go someplace no one will hear and shout out loud. Good luck finding that place on campus. If you’re having this much trouble, just sing the song out loud wherever you are and pretend not to notice people staring at you peculiarly.

Number eight: Think of other songs that annoy you and sing them out loud. For commentary, refer to number three.

Number nine: Watch a movie. This I’m cool with if I have enough time to spare. It totally gets the mind concentrating on something other than the undesirable song.

And number ten, which is really the only foolproof system: Listen to the hated song over and over and over. This method has been tried and true. You naturally get tired of the song and your brain shakes it off, leaving you in peace. Your roommate probably won’t mind either.

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4 responses to “The Song vs. You – The Battle For Your Brain

  • Lua

    I have this problem whenever Britney Spears decides to releases a new single! I mean, seriously, what’s the deal with that?!
    I actually blame her for the failure of some of my relationships! I happen to find number 10 pretty useful, but I’ll give number one a try and let you know how it all works out 🙂

  • PoetTraveler

    Hi Aspiring Writer!
    I don’t have any problem – at least none that I’m actually aware of, ….. but then who knows what my subconscious is thinking ?- I have a playlist that is almost permanently unchanged on my iPod, but I also have a lot of music videos there too and reading what you say here…that reminds me… I really must change my playlist! … move on and add some new things. I won’t add Britney… I can’t have her sharing quality space on my Laptop or IPod with the likes of Shakira – no, not that Shakira! 😀 our lovely happy bouncy clever kind friend, here in WP, I mean the OTHER Shakira of record/video fame .. the singing diva Shakira 😀

    I love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine and posting your gracious and kind words about my poem 🙂 I am happy you dropped by. I’ll add you to my blog roll and stop by again to read your lovely posts 🙂

    aka Poet Traveler

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