The Ten Year and Counting Novel

Creative Writing Status

The Master Plan is working! Goals are 2/3 Complete. Half of Becoming Mrs. Kennedy has been edited (a post on THAT fiasco will be forthcoming) and significantly more than three or four pages of Rescue Me have been written! Now I just have to make time to type another chapter of Damn Brits. Poor Julian and Rosella keep getting shortchanged.

Moving onward, it’s time to focus on the title of this post.

That’s right. I have been working on the same novel for exactly ten years (and for those of you who have been paying attention, yes, I was ten years old when I gave birth to it). My grandparents gave me (as requested, they pretty much spoiled me rotten and gave me anything I wanted as a child) three Mead marble notebooks. One came in my favorite color (green, refer to blog theme) and the other two sported very sharp black covers.

The were my favorite gifts that year. Well, second to the sparkly gel pens.

For about two and a half weeks I labored meticulously over what I should fill them with, and not having a concrete idea just yet, I whiled away the hours using the gel pens to created elaborate doodles on the now boring black covers.

By the conclusion of the two and a half weeks, I had it. The Perfect Idea. The Idea That Would Make Me Famous because I’d be the only ten-year-old to publish a book. The Premise: my protagonist (not that I knew the meaning of such a scholarly term at my tender age) Laura, and American would be a poor girl who marries Prince Thomas of England in 1888 or some year around that time. Some people wouldn’t like that and there would be epic battles over the affair etc.

No, there is not a historical figure Prince Thomas from England at that time, that’s just how I wanted the plot to unfold. So that’s how it went.

About a year later, I despised those notebooks and the version their dreadful, mutilated with crummy doodles covers contained. Hence, I bought another notebook and began from scratch.

And that process is still in effect.

Ten years. Much has changed. For a few years when I was on a Harry Potter trip the characters had magical powers, they jumped nations for a few years until I just made one up myself because it gave me the most creative license. They’ve time traveled too: they were born in 1888, then rewound and froze in fourteenth century France (I did more research on this one, thankfully), leaped back to the 1800s, jumped ahead to modern times, and now have settled and are NOT moving in the 1940s. This works far better than any other period I’ve explored previously, provides me with the tumultuous history I need to craft the story well, and the characters’ personalities fit it much better. I like this one.

I also like to think it has more literary merit and hence publishable potential because I’ve matured as a writer and know these characters so well. They’ve been with me for so long, I should know them. Laura is my best friend and I would DEFINITELY marry Thomas if he showed up in the flesh, not just in my head.

Maybe that’s why I’m still single. I’m waiting for him. Sigh. Oh well. I’ll console myself with more writing.

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: Now that you know from whence (that word is dedicated to Ralph J. C. Belvedere) it germinated and where it is headed, I would like to have three to four more pages written by next post. The realistic goals work much better than the unrealistic ones. Besides if I shoot low I’ll be very happy with myself if I go over.

Damn Brits: Goal remains unchanged.

Becoming Mrs. Kennedy: Finish editing. FIX IT!!


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8 responses to “The Ten Year and Counting Novel

  • Kiki

    Teehee, would you like me to email you your early efforts? I do believe I still have them somewhere……

  • junebugger

    TEN years?! hoo-man. That’s long. Oh well, it took Goethe 60 years to write Faust. You have another fiftey years to spare….. *Clears throat*

    Ohhhh! So you’re a historical fantasy writer?

    • Aspiring Novelist

      At one point I was … I’m just a writer at this point who records the nonsense imaginary people dictate to me from my head. I sound like a nutcase!

      Hopefully the novel will be more refined in 50 years.

  • junebugger

    The only History/Fantasy fic I’ve read was Outlander series. Only read the first book. Stopped midway. I just wasn’t too taken by the hero.

    Anyway, as I was saying, you have fifty more years! Ah, and those characters talking in your head… I think the line between creativity and schizophrania is very fine… I hear voices too..*gulps*

    • Aspiring Novelist

      Let’s commit ourselves now. We could become like Virginia Woolf and go down in literary history … And Jamie definitely gets more appealing as the series progresses. Kiki and I are kid of obsessed with him.

  • ollinmorales

    10 years old and writing a novel? I’m impressed. When I was a kid I did write short stories, but I never thought I could handle a novel at that age. Reminds me of how when Truman Capote was a kid he used to come home after school and instead of do sports or play around, he would write. Like he was practicing his instrument, it served him well, and I’m sure it’ll serve you well. I’m excited to read an excerpt of one of them, they sound interesting.

    • Aspiring Novelist

      Thanks Ollin! I submitted a sample chapter of one of them as a final project last semester and will probably soon post it here as a page. The only reason I haven’t yet is I’m terrified of people with sinister plans who are right click happy … I’m slowly but surely learning to trust people again though 🙂 My blog buddies give me confidence!

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