Back in the Swing of Things

So here I am back in the US of A which means I am also back at school, boo :(. The consolation is that Spain was a blast.  There were several moments of the trip where I wanted to exchange a few choice words with some people in the group, but it did not come to that and all was well.

Anyway, now that I have reentered life and have once again immersed myself in a routine, I have noticed that my blog posts have reflected something very disturbing: I HAVE NOT BEEN WRITING!!!!

That’s right, all my recent posts have been related to either my personal life or my writing for the newspaper or class (which sort of counts, but not really because when I say writing, I mean working on my novels or short stories for my own personal pleasure). I have not posted any creative writing goals or updates in weeks!!!

Fear not! I have a Master Plan to remedy this atrocity! It probably won’t work because I’m usually not a scheduled person, but we’re going for it anyway. Cheer me on, friends!

The Master Plan

The hours of 10 PM – 12 AM every day of the week, no matter where I am (this may have to exclude Friday and Saturday nights – I do have a semblance of a life and flesh and blood friends who demand my presence sometimes) are to be completely devoted to either writing, editing, or querying. It’s going to be like taking a shower: something I HAVE TO DO NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS! This way I can still feel like I am being productive toward my most major goal in life, aka becoming published.

I’m serious about this people, Aspiring Novelist has turned over a new leaf. She’ll let you know if the old one blows back over again during finals week/if the summer internship she hopes to attain will force her to select alternative hours.

Right then, here we go …

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: Between the hours of 10 and 12, I will write at least three more pages. This is doable.

Damn Brits: If I have time left over, I will type another chapter. I really must get moving on this.

Becoming Mrs. Kennedy: At some point this week, I must, must, must, edit this again to prepare for the querying process. It’s just been sitting there for so long, begging to be reworked so as to be sent to eager agents and publishers and hence enthrall young readers across America and from there the globe in the form of a printed and bound book.

Maybe I should start with excerpts of and


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4 responses to “Back in the Swing of Things

  • Lua

    wow- sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you! This week I have to edit, edit and when I’m done with that I have to edit some more but I really DON’T like editing haha 🙂 I’m in deep need of a Master Plan over here!

    • Aspiring Novelist

      I generally find that Master Plans are very easily conjured up in my brain but not as easily acted out in my life. They do come in handy when I focus on them htough. You just have to figure out what you want done and pick a time/place to do it … and then actually make yourself do it.

  • ollinmorales

    are these all novels? or short stories? how can you work on three projects at once! I bow down to you! 🙂

    • Aspiring Novelist

      Oh no don’t do that! I am NO expert, by any means. Yes, they are all novels, the last two are complete. Rescue Me is in the process of being written, Damn Brits is not even half typed, and Becoming Mrs. Kennedy needs so much editing it’s giving me a headache thinking about it. I may post excerpts t receive feedback/edits from my trusted blogging buddies soon …

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