To The Editor Concerning the Defense of a One Sherlock Holmes

To the Editor:

A recent edition of The Mirror features a review of the new Sherlock Holmes film with which I completely disagree.  While Miss Zeigler is of course entitled to her opinion, she mentions in the article that “the movie is sure to disappoint fans of the Sherlock Holmes that Arthur Conan Doyle created,” and that the storyline strays too far from any of the originals. I myself am such a fan and found the breach with convention to be a refreshing recipe for a good movie.

Robert Downey Jr.’s interpretation of the great sleuth is different to say the least. Never has the world seen a Holmes so discombobulated and engaged in underground boxing and drinking. However, this added more depth to the character and presented him to the audience as more of a real person as opposed to simply a genius who is calm and collected on the road to his personal victory.

One of my qualms about literature which is adapted into film is the possibility that it will not do the book justice (Twilight) or that my favorite portions will either be omitted or skewed.  The writers of the newest Sherlock Holmes installment made a very wise and strategic move by creating their own storyline. This way, they could not butcher any of the traditional stories avid fans know and love, but kept the original characters that made the literature so popular in the first place.

For example, many people have recently complained about gaps and inaccuracies in the Harry Potter movies.  These discrepancies result as no fault of the screenwriters, there is simply too much to compact from an 800 page novel into a two and a half hour movie – we’d still be watching it! The writers of Sherlock Holmes avoided this catastrophe by creating their own scenario in the sprit of Conon Doyle in which the eccentric Holmes and lovable Watson could find themselves ensnared.  This way there is less of a chance that they will incur the wrath of die-hard fans with the added bonus of creating a blockbuster at the same time.  Its popularity and the hype it generated may even encourage some moviegoers to pick up the books.

All in all, I – a reader – consider it a job well done.

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