Not Sure if I Posted This Already …

… but I really like it so here it is (again?)

The raindrops trickle down the windowpane, small rivulets leaving a broken trail behind them.  They are trying to escape something, a harrowing past perhaps, but leave a trail in their wake, leading that past directly to them.  The tiny ones fare the worst.  They don’t travel as quickly, don’t reach their destination in time and are swallowed by the larger, monster drops plowing along and consuming all others in competition with them.  They are the overachievers, the moneymakers, the fresh college graduates, the ruthless CEOs crushing those who do not have as grand ambitions or as much motivation.  They are the people in the city who believe they are human bulldozers as they push through congested sidewalks and callously shove others to the side, trampling those who are too slow to dive out of the way.

No, the poor little dears don’t stand a chance.  Their fate is set: to either be gobbled up by the big bullies or remain suspended on the glass, never the reach the bottom, never to escape what haunts them, never to reach their goals, a mosaic of incompletion, awaiting nothing but evaporation.

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