Someone Please Help Me Focus

This whole doing school work thing is not working for me.  All I want to do is delve into Rescue Me and just finish the damn dinner table scene but I can’t.  I have no time.  If only I didn’t obsess over maintaining a 4.0…

But alas I do, and hence have to focus on school … it’s just not particularly going well today.  But you say, “It’s only 10AM, you’re just kicking off the day, you can get a TON completed today.” Yeah? Well why don’t YOU try writing your 10 page research paper by Friday (even though that’s not the due date that’s just when you want it finished), read the next installment of the religion book, write Italian extra credit, study for an Italian test, write and Italian skit, find out where to acquire a transcript to go abroad next semester, make posters for your literary magazine meetings no one comes to, figure out when to schedule an interview for a summer internship next week, write a book review for the newspaper, write a dialogue for class, call your mother to schedule your sister’s weekend visit, and go to Chambers and Glee Club rehearsal.  And that’s just today.

Sorry, I’m whining.

This will all be done, no worries. The paper and the skit may take some time, but the rest will happen today. After all, it is only 10AM.

The problem I’m battling at the moment is my characters. They refuse to leave me be, allowing me the peace and quiet required to complete my work, get a degree and hence a job, therefore providing me with the financial stability to focus on publishing them. Currently, they’re running around, pounding on my skull and pulling at synapses, begging me to just pick up my pen!! It would be so easy…

I hate curtailing my writing. I hate, loathe, and despise it, yet sometimes it’s unavoidable. Life gets in the way.  When this happens, I try to turn the situation around and look at the positive. I use my writing and characters itching to escape as incentive. I.e. – girl, if you get this done, then you’ll have the rest of the day for writing. Or – listen up, chiquita, you can write Thomas with no interruptions if your paper is finished!!!!

No, of course I don’t talk to myself, what are you saying, you crazy blog reader …

Right then, thanks everyone, will post on progress and other things at a later time.

9 days until Spain. Just saying.


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