This Week’s Writing Assingment

This week’s assignment was a prose poem. Basically free write with poetic elements (i.e. focusing on a central idea, extended metaphors, rhythm etc.) composed in prose form. Here’s mine.

Footprints in the Snow

The snow falls gently, painting the dull ground a soft, wintery white. The little girl watches through her frosty window, her breath crystallizing in intricate swirls and whorls. She prays for a natural dispensation declaring her freedom from school. To her, the world becomes a giant cake, the snow its icing, the bare trees its candles.

Her father’s covered head bobs up and down, up and down. The shovel he heaves moves rhythmically as he hurls the snow to the side. But the snow keeps coming. His labor is in vain. The more he shovels, the more it falls.

She scurries downstairs and bundles herself. Outside she charges, to help him. But by the time she is ready, and reaches her destination, all that is left are his footprints.

Copyright Aspiring Novelist. All rights reserved.


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