It’s Amazing What Can Happen …

… when you skip class on Monday and have a snow day on Wednesday! You suddenly find everything you wanted to accomplish accomplished!

That’s right: all school work done and tons of ground covered creatively!

Creative Writing Status

Rescue Me: LAURA AND THOMAS HAVE FINALLY MADE IT TO THE CAPITAL CITY!!!!! His identity as the Crown Prince has been revealed (I was right, Laura did NOT handle it well, and after a stay in jail because of it, I really don’t blame her).  Thomas and his twin Nathan have been reunited and all is well … for now.

Damn Brits: Chapter 18 and half of 19 typed!

Go me.

On the Rescue Me note, I filled the second journal and moved onto the third (the small green one from Firenze). In that small green journal I heckled for a lower prince from a street vendor (I was so proud of myself) I found, to my surprise, an incomplete earlier version of Rescue Me.  Intrigued to see how I wrote two years ago, I naturally delved right into it.

What a mistake.  The idea behind it was quite good and I still like it and plan on playing around with it for a different novel (maybe for one of the fairy tale retelling series featuring Thomas’s ancestors I plan on tackling) but, I am pleased to report that my writing skills have significantly improved.  You wouldn’t think two years would make such a difference.  What a misconception! Two years makes a boatload of difference.

Case and point, the half story I just found:

1) I barely used imagery

2) most of it is dialogue (good dialogue, but still I hated and did not use descriptions)

3) it’s childish

4) half of it doesn’t make sense, I’m all over the place

And why did I think this was so good?

What I’m trying to say is that there is always room for improvement.  Writing isn’t something where you reach a certain point and then that’s it, you never get any better. Like any other craft you can always nurture it and turn it into something better than it is.

So don’t cringe at your old writing when you come across it (fine I’ll allow it for a few minutes … time’s up!) Take the good out of it – the story behind it – and apply your improved skills to it.

Aright, I’m done giving advice I have no authority to give.

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: By Monday after the long weekend, have Thomas’s mother “accidentally” inform Laura of her new husband’s previous engagement.

Damn Brits: Finish typing chapter 19.


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