Day Off

The great thing about taking a day off to nurse yourself from natures torments when all your work is done is that you have free time to do whatever you want and put a dent in some of your self-inflicted creative writing deadlines. Or you can sleep till whenever you want (at least until the idiots across the hall set off the fire alarm). OR you can … omigod, read a book for personal pleasure without interrupting yourself because your music paper isn’t done! Wow. Who woulddah thunkit?

Yes, as you can tell, I am slightly under the weather (I do not get sick this is a natural monthly occurrence) and have decided to let myself skip all my classes. Now before someone who knows my father reads this, let me just say I do not do this often, only when I literally can’t get out of bed, and all my work for the next few days is done. I haven’t missed any yet this semester either and only skipped once last semester, so I figure I’m allowed.

So here I am, rubbing my eyes in a leisurely fashion, trying to type a few more pages of Damn Brits and maybe write a little of Rescue Me. I also want to put a dent in Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl so I can have something to review for the paper next week. Which reminds me, I haven’t watched Dear John yet, must look up it it popped up on Hulu yet. There my goals for the day. Sorry for the rambling. Will let you know if I reach said goals … after a nap.


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