It’s All in the Pen

Everything you write depends upon your writing implement. I’m not kidding. It’s legit. If you don’t have a good pen or keyboard or typewriter or whatever, it will be that much harder to produce something worthwhile, or at least to your liking.

For example, as I’ve mentioned before, I cannot under any circumstances write creatively on my computer (this does not count as creative writing for the most part I consider it ranting/journaling/venting/putting off my schoolwork). I need some kind of notebook or journal coupled with a blue pen (the above picture is merely for visual effect purposes) to help my brain spit out something I can be proud of.

There’s just something intrinsically magical when my fingers connect with a pen and my hands smooth over the paper It’s like all three of us are pumped and ready to go once we come together in our joint efforts to add something to the literary world.

Whenever I see a pen on the ground I always pick it up and keep it. I have far too many pens for this reason. I can’t let them go! I ‘ll spot it lying there all alone on the floor or the sidewalk and almost on impulse I’ll reach for it. If it’s empty I will generously take it to the nearest trash receptacle in a small but significant effort to clean the earth; but if there is still a good amount of ink left I pocket it, take it home, run it under hot water so I don’t contract some odd sidewalk disease, and test it out.

It always stuns me that people can just throw away perfectly good pens with the majority of the ink left in them. Granted maybe they just drop them but still! My pens are kept in a secure location in my bag to avoid such an atrocity. Think of all the words that are wasted when you throw out your semi-full pen. Other people see nothing special, I see pages and pages of characters, drama, conflict, epic battles … I could go on and on.


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3 responses to “It’s All in the Pen

  • Lua

    Oh my God, it’s so true and I’m so glad someone else thinks like this too:) My friends think I’m crazy, trying to pick the “right kind of pen” and the “right kind of paper” but it affects the quality of the writing.

    • Aspiring Novelist

      It’s so true! Last year I pounded out a book in two whole journals just because the pens were right and I liked the way it looked. I haven’t had that much success with any other kind of pen (Bic Gliders or something like that) to date.

  • tinarathore

    wow! like the swiftness with which your thoughts flow. yes, i think i too believe in the bit..the intruments of writing have to be good. i do most of my creative writing on computer, and typos is one thing i go crazy about…since i can’t write a word further until i have the other one’s in perfectly in place, i miss out a lot of my thoughts while correcting typos 😉

    Think i wouls rather go back to pen and paper, or opt for a typing course…let’s see. Thanks for sharing. Loved reading you. will blogroll your blog.

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