Go With the Flow

As promised …

Creative Writing Status

Rescue Me: Goals achieved!!! Sort of. I wrote everything I wanted to, detested it, crossed it out, and wrote the next portion I had not planned on getting to yet which, though short and needs editing, I adore. Aspiring Novelist is pleased with herself.

It’s funny how you can be so fired up about one idea, then not be able to work on your piece for a month and suddenly that idea either doesn’t seem so great anymore or  it comes out crappy. I literally sat down so excited that I finally had time to write this piece, and my mind blanked. The pen stayed stationary. My fingers cramped from lying in wait for so long and producing nothing. Yet still: negative.

You just have to go with the flow. True, I couldn’t produce a good swing dancing scene ( boo 😦 ) at the moment, but that’s not to say that I won’t be able to in the future. It could turn out to be wonderful. I also might save a dance hall scene for a different novel I’m working on (you can’t have too many similarities in your different works, no one will take you seriously after a while; they’ll think you can’t come up with any original ideas). Everything depends on your inspiration and mood at the time you sit down to write. Writing, good writing, never comes by force. Yes, you can pound something out for a deadline the night before, but chances are you a) won’t like it as much or b) it won’t be your best caliber. Deadlines are not bad things, by the way, they keep you on track and your writing skills in tip-top shape. But anything I’ve written in a pinch I’ve tended to despise.

Actually that’s a lie. My most recent assignment for my creative writing class was a mood poem. I wrote it quickly, hated it, revised it after a meeting with my professor, and still hated it. Much to my surprise and utter delight (insert good news promised from the previous post) she loved it!!!! And she’s a professional, published poet!!!! Naturally, I consider it the greatest thing I’ve ever written now.

I’m talking in circles and contradicting myself. I’m going to stop. So I’ll share the prompt from class like I said I would (mood poem, self-explanatory, write a poem about a mood or how something makes you feel) and The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Written in it’s own post and under Poetry on the sidebar along with one of the poems that came from the bad weekend. The other one, unfortunately, may not turn out to be a poem after all, but maybe a short story, part of a novel, or an article. Not sure.

Ta for now.

Creative Writing Goals

By the end of this month (notice the amount of time I allot myself for these goals keeps growing and growing) have Thomas reveal his true identity to Laura and return to his family, type the next chapter in Julian’s saga, and have three more articles published in the paper. Realistic I think.


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