Let us (or at least me) always remember this day, February 3, 2010, as a Most Historic Day: the Day I Became a Real Writer.

That’s right I’m published! Published! My name is IN PRINT along with something I WROTE in the school paper. Let’s party harty!

My Status, Goals, and other joyous news (!!!!) to come later (I sense I’ve been saying this quite a bit recently; funny how life gets in the way of all your most carefully laid plans, innit?), but for now, I’m going to post my featured article here and under journalism. Celebrate with me, ladies and gents!

“When in Rome” Just Your Typical “Rome” – ance

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I defy you to find better time for a romantic comedy. Every hopeless romantic uses this time of year as the perfect excuse to splurge. She will spend close to ten dollars on a movie of which she could pretty much figure out the plot and the ending just from the previews, but still enjoy it.

“When In Rome,” starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, is exactly this type of film. Beth (Bell) and Nick (Duhamel) meet in Rome, Italy when they are maid-of-honor and best man at a mutual acquaintance’s wedding and immediately recognize the chemistry between them.

However, things turn horribly wrong when Beth witnesses a clandestine kiss between Nick and a random Italian woman. After a full bottle of champagne, she swipes coins from La Fontana d’Amore (The Fountain of Love) on a whim and later finds herself pursued by the five men whose coins she stole – including Nick.

The movie, directed by Mark Steven Johnson, is both well casted and scripted, and all actors are convincing in their roles: Beth is a workaholic who fights love whenever it comes her way yet can’t help herself falling for Nick, a player who throws his comfortable bachelor lifestyle away for her. Their developing romance is convincing and heartwarming, and the extra comedy provided by the sidekick best friends often has the audiences rolling.

While the writers shaped excellent dialogue and a good central story, they probably could have done a better job producing convincing subplots. What began as an exaggerated joke (the fact that Nick was struck by lightning in college) morphed into a major storyline and came across as far-fetched.

They also could have worked a bit more on making the whole thing less predictable. Yes, there is a significant plot twist, but it doesn’t occur until the last two minutes of the movie. The rest follows the basic chick flick recipe, which – though entertaining – is not very intellectually stimulating.

The title is also misleading. Most people would assume from it and the previews that the movie would be based in Rome. In fact, the majority of the film takes place in New York City. Now, as a New Yorker I love the Big Apple, but if I wanted to watch a movie set there, I’d pull down Maid in Manhattan off my shelf.

On the whole, seeing the film is an enjoyable experience and would be a fun excursion for a girl’s night out, but I would suggest holding off until the DVD release. Save your ten bucks for a box of chocolate.

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