I Repent!

It seems my most recent post has caused quite a stir! *Aspiring Novelist pats self on the back* woot woot! Goal to cause a scene at least once a day achieved, even if it is a virtual scene (Maggie Smith would be so pleased).

I will give credit where credit is due. Univoked brings up some great points and provides awesome links to some fun sci facts (see her comment to previous post – also check out the noveling blog, very interesting stuff happening there) and yes, science does provide an excellent outlet for story ideas and gives great evidence which can be utilized to make the writing more authentic. But for me, that just doesn’t cut it. Would I read a sci fi novel? Well yes, I think some of them are really well done. Would I write one? Probably not. It’s not my venue. Science and what it offers doesn’t inspire me to pick up my pen and let the words flow.  Will I completely disregard it? Of course not! I actually need it to research what medicine was available to women expecting children during the 1920s and 1940s for Rescue Me and its prequel The Maid and the Monarch.

So … I do not take back my hatred – that’s my opinion, science classes, reports, and papers make me tired and bore me – however, I repent my strongly biased words against the sciences that spewed from my frustrated fingers after a long day of nothing but electric automobiles and gasoline. I still hold that the writers of the articles I used for my paper should take a creative writing class and learn how to keep their audience’s attention.  But that’s just me. 😉


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