Prose, How I Embrace Thee

I can’t take it anymore! As I’ve mentioned before, I took an online science course this winter and one of the final requirements was an 8-10 pg paper on a topic of my choosing.  I chose electric cars, believing that it would be a semi-interesting topic to discuss, and that there would be a decent amount of research and materials to help me along the way.  FALSE!  I can’t take the dry, insipid writing with no heart or soul or craft and technique! And the expectation for me to write like that! I hate science.

There is nothing at all interesting in the presentation/writing of science papers.  It is all merely the presentation of fact, with no embellishments. Bore. Ing.  At least with history papers or reports, I can conceivably say to myself “Self, this could possibly be turned in to a really good story,” or “Aha! This person would be interesting to develop and incorporate into a novel about his/her life since there isn’t much known about him/her.”  Not so with science.  It’s all straightforward, “this is how it is because I tested it at this point.”  To me it’s dull and not engaging in any way shape or form.  The beauty of language is lost.  Everything is strictly professional and nothing more.

Frankly it makes me  sleepy. I wanted to be done with the damn thing on Saturday and here I am still complaining about it (yes, it’s done but I still have to revise and edit it).  Creative writing so much better.  Adjectives! Adverbs! Charged words! Bias! Elaborate conjunctions! Run-on sentences! Sentences beginning with “and” or “but”! DIALOGUE! Or, God forbid, humor!

Ah, prose, how I embrace thee. You make the world go round; you keep the sun shining in my life.  Reading or writing you keeps me sane in a world of tedious science papers and core requirements and half-illiterate, Jersey Shore addicted Americans (just a little aside, Snookie was from my town, something about which I am thoroughly displeased). Oh, creative writing, I could not live without you.

Creative Writing Status/Goals

Same place as last week (you may thank the electric car).  Goals postponed to next week.


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