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All goals achieved!!!!

Rescue Me: Birthday dinner done!

Damn Brits: Chapter 17 typed!

The new semester had begun with a bang!  Three classes, all of which were excellent.  Music with the besties in the morning, history with another bestie in the afternoon, and creative writing to end the day! Such is the Tuesday schedule. On that note, I’ve decided to share my creative writing class (I’ll also be sharing the literary magazine prompts when that starts up again).  My professor has been at the school for thirty-two years an obviously knows more than I do on the subject, so all her prompts and good points, I’ll post here and see what you think/come up with and then the next week share what I wrote after I get my grade and have perfected the piece. Fun!

So today, we concentrated on word association, which she clarified is closest to stream of consciousness description of something.  She gave us a bunch of samples and then let us go on a tangent based off one of them or a free-write (my choice).  The gist was to basically write about anything that came to mind in relation to a single word or short phrase, anything and everything you associate with it.  I.e. I chose raindrops, another girl in the class chose white ribbons, etc.  I really enjoyed this exercise because this is a particular area in which I need work.

Now go for it if you feel so inclined! Remember, a description, not a narrative.

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: By Monday, have the swing dancing scene and the scene where Thomas gets extremely jealous of another man hitting on his new wife completed. Once done, be ready to move on to revealing his identity to Laura. I don’t know if the poor girl will be able to handle it though …

Damn Brits: Type Chapter 18.


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