Divine Intervention

Creative Writing Status

Rescue Me: Huge Success! Not only did I finish the Christmas portion, I also completed the charming birthday conversation on the bus. This is really coming along, and it looks like I’ll need another notebook for it pretty soon! Now I’ll just have to choose which one, I’m thinking the green leather one I got in Florence. The only problem is it’s uber small so then a FOURTH journal will be necessary, and I have no idea which one to use for that. It’s between the blue sunflower or the purple princess crown (don’t laugh).

Thanks everyone!

Well, Becoming Mrs. Kennedy was rejected. Oh, come on don’t cry we knew this was going to happen! The woman sent me a very nice standard reply informing me that, due to her sheer volume of submissions she could unfortunately not accept any new ones at this time, but try again later and don’t forget to query elsewhere and she was sure my writing was very good etc, etc. Oh well. On to the next agency (I may or may not do that tonight before I pack and head back to school tomorrow, depending on the time I have which will likely be very little because 24 RETURNS TONIGHT 9PM ON FOX!!!!!! Go Jack Bauer and America). This probably makes the 30th rejection on one book. *Aspiring Novelist sighs, grits her teeth, and googles more agents she has not yet queried*

You gotta be tough as nails in this business. It’s a sea of other desperate writers like yourself drowning in their own and each others tears while agents, editors, and publishers swim around like sharks with the Jaws theme playing in the background sniffing for the next Twilight or whatever will make them as much or more money.  That’s right, it’s all about money. So, to survive in this turbulent ocean, one must be savvy and construct one’s own rickety raft and make it interesting enough for someone to notice it, purchase it, edit it until it doesn’t feel like yours anymore, give it a pretty cover, and put it in a bookstore and online, and help you beg people to buy it, read it and love it as much as you do. So, hold your breath, get your armor, smile, showcase your work, and pray. It’ll happen with a combination of your talent, your hard work, a little bit of luck, and divine intervention.

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: By the time I get back to school I want the New Year’s swing dancing scene complete and then on to Thomas revealing his true identity and their arduous journey back to the palace.

Damn Brits: One more chapter typed by next post.


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