Some Day My Prince Will Come … But He Sure is Taking His Sweet Time

Creative Writing Stats

Rescue Me: Full success. Thomas and Laura bought their Christmas gifts for each other and are now ready to exchange.

Damn Brits: Unfortunate failure.

I have wonderful news! I was this very day struck as if by lightning with a BRILLIANT new idea for a novel! So I don’t give too much away, I won’t post too many details just yet.  The other reason is I don’t really have all the details worked out. I’ve got the title and the general plan but the little things need to be tweaked.  So here’s a small teaser taste … title: Prince Charming (maybe).

So I’m all thrilled about this new idea, until I had a more cynical thought: I have unrealistic expectations about men.  And I’m not the only one!  After all, I’m sure many a woman can relate to the constant struggle of sorting through the assortment of jerks, pigs, players, downers, Negative Neds, obsessers, and spineless lazy asses just to maybe find one who might not be a sleazeball and have it come oh so close but no cigar, or have it work out well for a while only to have it fail and consequently spend weeks crying heartbroken into her pillow every night. But why do we as women expect to find The One right away and have everything work out splendidly right away?  Is it Hollywood’s portrayal of sexy hunks?  Is it the romance novels we read?  Is it Jane Austen and her assortment of Mr. Darcyesque characters? While these undoubtedly contribute, they are not the true cause. Nope, not really.  They cannot shoulder most of the blame.  But fear not!  I know where we must point our fingers!

Walt Disney.

That’s right, ladies. Disney is the reason we have our future husbands placed on an impossibly high pedestal and a cheesy romantic daydream about how we’ll meet him.  Think about it, it’s the impressionable age when we watch the movies and what we romanticized at that impressionable age that carries through to our adulthood.

Here’s the breakdown.

Prince Charming from Snow White – dashing young man who sees her once and becomes enamored and spends months thinking about her and searching for her and doesn’t rest until he is able to sweep her into his arms and whisk her away to his white castle in the clouds. This makes women believe that love is easy and nothing needs to be done to sustain it. False.  The truth of the matter is, while a man might think about you and nothing else for months and want to whisk you away to his studio apartment, love is a two-way street.  You BOTH have to get through thick and thin TOGETHER. Just seeing each other once is not enough. And honey, if he’s that obsessed after one day, be careful, it’s not healthy, speaking from experience.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty – a handsome young rascal to say the least.  He and Aurora form a quasi-relationship at least, but again the one day syndrome.  His epic battle to rescue her is wonderful and sets the heart racing but let’s be honest, girls, we’re probably not going to need to be rescued from a fire-breathing dragon any time soon. Most of us lead normal lives where this would be superfluous, and yet we still find ourselves pining for it anyway.

Prince Charming from Cinderella – why, oh why, couldn’t Disney come up with a name for this poor man too? This classic Disney icon reinforces the instantaneous deal.  There was no working at this relationship.  Just one dance and then he’s going to scour the kingdom until he finds her. Yeah, no. After a while, if a girl walks out on a guy after one drink in the bar and he can’t seem to get in contact with her, he gives up. Watch He’s Just Not That Into You.

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid – we’re getting better with this one. At least they spend three whole days together instead of one. But come on, he nearly misses her because of his obsession with finding her voice. He tells girls to let little episodes with other women slide, just because she has been just as obsessed with him from the beginning. Tsk, tsk. Player!

Beast from Beauty and the Beast – now this one I really didn’t have anything to say about since she’s the only reading princess (and we all know how I feel about books) until I learned the original fairytale was written to encourage Victorian Era women to look past their husband’s beastly qualities, bite their tongues, and let him to whatever he wants. Enough said. Fail.

Aladdin – not bad, not bad … until you realize he’s too perfect. He’s a flawed show-off  but sees the error in his ways when he almost loses her and then comes to her daring rescue and they live happily ever after. Problems like that can’t be resolved in an hour and a half.

I could go on, but now, being a hopeless romantic who eats all this stuff up even though she sees all the flaws and still wants to be a Disney Princess to hence automatically get a Disney Prince, I’m in the mood to watch a Disney movie. I’ll go plant the idea in my little sister’s head so I’ll feel like she came up with this plan, not me.

Creative Writing Goals

Rescue Me: By next post I’ll be done with all things Christmas and moving on to New Years.

Damn Brits: Goal remains the same. By next post, one more chapter typed.


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One response to “Some Day My Prince Will Come … But He Sure is Taking His Sweet Time

  • Cities of the Mind

    I see why my list brought this to mind. Glad some of you girls know us guys are fighting a losing battle (that said, it entirely reasonable to expect us to try).

    Am I to understand from your other comment that you know your way around NYC? Because a friend or two and myself are planning to visit, and we have no solid plans beyond playing chess in Central Park. . . know any good free/cheap things to do while we’re there?

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