Seeing as this is my last week of winter break and I know that when I return to good old FU (my school’s legit initials, no lie) and my six classes/20 credits that I will not have as much time as I have now to write/blog, I am setting myself motivation: you, my readers (if in fact I have any).

Here’s how I see it: at the end of each post I will tell you my plans for anything relating to my writing or characters, something like “by the end of this week I want to be finished with such and such.” Then, at the beginning of the next post I’ll let you know if I reached my goal, got really, really close, quasi made it, or if life stuck its fat nose in my business and got in the way.

The First Attempt

Rescue Me Goal: before I go to bed tonight, I want to have at least have Thomas arrested and worked out in my head how Laura will extricate him from the latest predicament he got himself into in my latest novel Rescue Me.

Damn Brits Goal: by the end of this week I had better be finished typing the first journal of Julian’s book Damn Brits.

And so it begins!


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